“Wowing” your Hotel Guests with Experiential Marketing

Are you a hotelier willing to immerse your hotel guests in your brand experience and offer them unique and delightful moments? Then, consider implementing experiential marketing that will allow you to go above and beyond your guest’s expectations during unforgettable stays. As for different industries, experiential marketing has become very popular in hotels willing to capture their customer’s imagination to another level. Through these marketing initiatives, hotels can significantly captivate and surprise their guests who leave with long-lasting memories. Through sophistication and creativity allowed by these marketing techniques in this new era, hotel marketers can highly attract people’s attention especially through social media. If you are looking to increase your potential customer’s reach and your booking conversions, you should definitely implement this innovative strategy.

How is Experiential Marketing Defined in the Hotel Industry?

Also called engagement marketing, experiential marketing is a technique aiming at creating unique experience between your guests and hotel’s brand. This marketing strategy allows you to develop strong ties with your customers by offering them memorable experiences. Indeed, the brand is brought to live through an activation such as events, service sampling, etc in which you can directly interact with the guests. Experiential marketing can allow your guests to be able to better understand your brand’s purpose. As your guests will live experience they will remember, it can help you to create the “buzz” and increase your brand’s social sharing.

Experiential Marketing Initiatives Examples in Hotels

 Sensory Experiences

Image taken from: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151110005405/en/St.-Regis-Hotels-Resorts-ARQUISTE-Parfumeur-Capture

Many Hotels have allowed their guests to experience their brands through scents, textures, sounds, etc. For example, St. Regis hotel chain is infusing a modern scent in its different properties around the world resorts. This fragrance containing the rarest ingredients is reminding of the luxury environment transporting guests in the most intimate experience during their hotel stays.

Sharable Experience

Image taken from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alysonkrueger/2015/11/20/this-california-resort-lets-lexus-cars-be-the-tour-guide/?sh=269d03ae2450

Sharable Experiences have also been very popular among hotels implementing experiential marketing strategies. An oceanfront resort in California named Tarranea Resort has offered the possibility to its guests to tour guide with its Lexus cars available on-site. In fact, guests can enjoy the scenery while driving GPS pre-loaded cars with already set itineraries suggested by the concierge team at the hotel.

Virtual Reality Experience

Image taken from: https://vrscout.com/projects/marriott-tests-virtual-reality-room-service-program/

Virtual Reality represents the future in hotel’s experiential marketing strategies. Indeed, many hotels have used the latest technologies to attract guests to stay at their properties. For example, Marriott International has offered the ability to potential guests to visit its different locations and properties thanks to virtual reality. In this way, guests are able to develop a strong connection with the brand even before arriving at the hotel.

Events Marketing

Image taken from: https://www.becausexm.com/blog/great-experiential-marketing-cointreau-s-hotel-takeover

Hotels also organize events so people better assimilate brand’s storytelling. An example of a hotel that often host events to connect with its guests is the Betsy Hotel in Miami Beach. Indeed, this boutique hotel is known for its unique brand personality focusing on art and culture. The hotel has invited authors and artists to showcase their work. Thanks to these events, The Betsy is successful at reinforcing its brand identity and create stronger ties with its audience highly interested by arts and culture.

When you will start implementing this innovative marketing technique, you will see how successful you will be at attracting repeat guests. As you will be catching people’s attention through your marketing strategies, you will urge so many at booking stays at your property. As travelers nowadays especially millennials are looking to live unique experience during their getaway moments, this technique must be part of your strategic plans. As the experiences you will offer be talked about, it will favor mass brand exposures in this age of social sharing. As you are probably willing to generate more revenues for your company, start using your team’s innovative minds to come up with the most sophisticated experiential marketing initiatives!