What Convince People to Say Yes when Making a Purchase Decision ?

What Convince People to Say Yes when Making a Purchase Decision ?

Are you a marketing professional looking to persuade your customers to buy your products or

services ? Then, it is imperative to understand human psychology and what drive people in

the selling process. You should consider mastering the 6 elements of persuasion used by

marketers but also many experts in other sectors such as politicians. Those elements of

persuasion were suggested by Doctor Robert Cialdini, famous author and professor known as

the The Godfather of Influence “. Those persuasive principles are commonly applied in all

industries around the world and have demonstrated to be powerful to influence consumer

behavior. Below are the description of the 6 elements of persuasion and tips to apply them

effectively :

1. Reciprocity :

It is important to consider offering what you are expecting to receive. As people love favors,

they are likely to return these gestures to you. Indeed, by receiving special attention from you,

consumers will be more convinced to consume your products and be generous. As a marketer,

you should consider offering free samples to be successful with your sales. To apply the

principle of reciprocity, it is highly recommended to offer small gifts or show acts of

kindness. Furthermore, the more you are able to personalize your customer’s experience, the

more they will show appreciation to your products and services. In her article, the

entrepreneur Sarah Belyh suggests to make your customers look extraordinary or special. This

expert illustrates this idea with a research that was done in the past. The research found that

including a candy with the check in a restaurant would make customers give higher tips. The

results of this research show that women give 21% more tips and men were found to give

18% more tips when the server offers a candy at the end of the meal (Belyh, 2020). In that

way, they will likely be more receptive to your products or services as they will experience

this feeling of obligation according to Doctor Cialdini.

2. Scarcity:

The principle of scarcity depends on the law of supply and demand. It is all psychological and

and people are often attracted by products that are scarce and that are not widely available.

People are feeling so special when they buy a product or service that is not easily accessible as

it gives them this sense of exclusivity. A lot of companies use this strategy by describing the

products as rare to attract customers. It is a popular technique used by companies for

promoting their products or services. Indeed, the more you show your customers how your

products are unique, the more they appreciate it. As a marketer, it is important to use the right

verbiage to present your product or service as a one-of-a-kind. According to the expert Sarah

Belyh, people feel so privileged if they are able to purchase products that marketers present as

being difficult to get (Belyh, 2020).

3. Authority :

It is highly recommended to show expertise to your customers as previous studies found that

is very attractive. People will more rely on you and are likely to buy your products when they

know you have experience in your field. You are able to convince your customers that they

can trust you when showing them how highly knowledgeable you are about what you are

selling. It is important that you insist on your qualifications and skills during a conversation

with your customers as it makes you more credible. For example, displaying your certification

and diplomas in the office where you receive your customers can really influence them when

making a purchase decision as they are more likely to trust your words (Belyh, 2020).

Furthermore, a lot of businesses make their employees wear a uniform as it is a way to show

an image of professionalism and give authority. As an example, Doctor Cialdini mentions a

real estate company that increased its sales because of having their customer service agents

telling first about their expertise and credentials (Cialdini, 2012).

4. Consistency :

As people like to commit, it is important that your company works on making their guest

consistent. When companies succeed to commit their customers to a specific product or

service, it can be highly attractive. The journalist Marc Schenker illustrates this idea with the

following example. Indeed, when a company ask you to enter your email address in their

website, you will likely feel this sense of commitment to them as you will consider yourself

as a company’s customer (Schenker, 2019). This increase your chance in developing an

interest to buy the company’s products or services. For instance, another way to build

consistency could be to write down your offer and make your customers sign it.

5. Consensus :

People highly rely on what other people like. In the purpose of achieving social credibility,

people would use what others are using. Considering this, marketers can influence consumer’s

behavior through telling what other people are already doing. It is highly favorable to

companies to have reviews and testimonials from people to achieve consensus. It can be even

more attractive if influential people get to share their experience as people are more likely to

follow them. Many studies have shown that purchase decisions can be based on what other

people are doing. This principle is also called social proof suggesting that it is crucial for

companies to investigate what other like. In this way, they can sell products or services

contributing to social acceptance and be successful.

6. Liking :

It is crucial for marketers to build the liking process with their customers to be more

appealing to them. Doctor Cialdini present three elements that are important to consider to

understand this principle of persuasion. In fact, people consider others that are similar to

them. They also appreciate people who give them compliments and who are cooperative. He

mentions that it is important to exchange information about each other and finding similarities

in terms of likings as it can highly influence customers in the negotiation process. Doctor

Cialdini insists on the power of offering genuine compliments to your customers as people

will likely be appreciative and buy your products and services (Cialdini, 2012). Indeed,

people are likely to conclude business with someone they built a good connection with and

are likely to be flattered when receiving thoughtful and sincere compliments. Finally, it is

important to show that you are involved in their ambitions and goals (Belyh, 2020).

If you are willing to know more about elements of persuasion and want to look at examples,

the expert Brandon Gaille created an informative and interactive illustration that explain

those concepts. Now that you know those principles of persuasion, consider thinking about

them when trying to sell to your customers. In this way, you are likely to convince more

guests to purchase your products or services.