Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Strategies: What Should You Opt For in your Hotel?

Are you a hotelier wondering how both traditional and digital marketing can contribute to your hotel success? According to the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association, HSMAI, the most successful marketing hoteliers balance both and use an efficient mix of both strategies. Indeed, members of this organization agreed that using both methods in a well-planned manner can lead to successful conversions. Although, we live in a digital age, traditional media have also still proved to be powerful for hotel organizations. While traditional media strategies can mostly help you attract new customers, digital media have allowed the most effective CRM as it provides in-depth analysis of consumer behaviors. According to Hcareers, the Millennial generation who spent $200 billion in travel have represented an important driving force for the hotel industry. Statista also reported that millennials spend on average 211 minutes per day using digital media. As millennials are the main buyer persona for your hotel, it is important to focus your effort on digital marketing while not neglecting traditional marketing.

Difference Between Traditional and Digital Media Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing involves any marketing technique that do not require the use of online channels. The most popular strategies are the following:

  • Print Marketing such as flyers, brochures, newspapers and magazines.
  • Outdoor Marketing such as posters and billboards.
  • Broadcasting such as television commercial and radio.

Those are still an important part of your potential guest’s daily routines. If you are willing to target your local population and have your brand on people’s top of mind, traditional marketing is definitely your solution.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be characterized by any online promotional strategies. Examples of the most popular mehods used nowadays are the following:

  • Paid Search Advertising such as Google text and video ads.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.
  • Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ads.
  • Remarketing
  • Email Marketing.
  • Apps advertising.

While traditional media have remained unchanged, digital media are constantly evolving with the rise of new technologies.

Why Digital Marketing Should be the Main Focus for your Hotel Strategies Nowadays?

  • Digital marketing is highly convenient as it can allow you to proceed in fast promotion and improve your exposure. Indeed, with digital marketing, you have the ability to advertise across several channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google instantly. Also, if your hotel has a limited marketing budget, social media is a more economical way to promote your brand as compared to traditional media that can be very costly.


  • Digital marketing can be very efficient as it is measurable and you can easily identify your ROI. Indeed, you can have access to significant amount of data that can allow you to determine your ideal hotel guest’s preferences and expectations. For example, you are able to know how many people clicked on your advertising material and what exactly generated their interests. This allows you to create well-optimized marketing campaigns. With traditional media, it is more complicated to know how people react to your promotions.


  • While traditional media is one-way method of communication, digital media are multi-ways and can be highly engaging to your potential and existing guests. As digital media allows the sharing of immediate feedback, it drives significant word of mouth. Digital media can allow you to interact with your customers at all time which is a great advantage if you want to build strong ties with your target audience.


  • Digital marketing can allow you to be very precise when it comes to your targeting strategies. While traditional media promote to an overall local market, digital media gives you the ability to use features to specifically target your audience. Indeed, you can target entering the details of your audience’s demographics, interest, and behavioral characteristics. In this way, you are able to attract your ideal hotel guests.

In sum, while it is still necessary to use traditional media marketing methods, digital media are becoming more and more crucial in your hotel strategies. Digital marketing allows you to reach a significant audience and engage with them instantaneously. In order to appeal to the millennial generation representing an important part of today’s travelers, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing techniques. Digital media are key tools when it comes to driving your hotel’s direct booking. When you find the right balance when using both traditional and digital marketing strategies, you will become a successful hotel marketers!