Top Tips to Effectively Present your Data

Have you conducted a marketing research and you are now willing to present your findings to your supervisor and your team ? In order to make your presentation engaging, you have to make sure you effectively put together your data in your visual. Indeed, it is important to ensure that you select the most interesting data and share them in a way that your audience will easily understand their meanings.

What Does Data Presentation Stand For ?

Data Presentation can be defined by the process of translating data in different graphical formats to make it easier for your viewers to understand the content you are sharing. An effective data presentation can allow you to come up with better informed decision for your company.

Recommendations for an Effective Data Presentation

Below are three tips you should follow to make attractive data presentation :

  • Share Appropriate Charts

There are several charts that can help you better transmit your message. The charts that are the most commonly used because of being easy to understand are pie and bar charts.

Here is a list of different charts you can use based on the topics of your data according to the Marketing Content Professional Jami Oetting.

  • Simplicity is the Key !

It is important to keep your presentation as simple as possible. Make sure to not overwhelm your audience with too many elements on your visual. Try to not put too many texts or illustrations that will distract your viewers. Make your slides neat by using the space in a smart way and putting an emphasis on the important numbers. Key terms could be more effective than texts to describe your data. Here is an example of a simple chart with a clever formatting as at first glance, your attention is directed towards the percentages.

  • Use Meaningful Texts

Texts play an important role when you want to explain your data in a presentation. Indeed, texts are essential when you want to highlight specific statistics. However, you should select texts wisely so your audience can be captivated by what you are trying to convey. Make sure to use minimum texts that can support the main elements of your presentations.

By organizing well your data, you will be able to have a clear and well-founded storytelling. By following those tips, you will design presentation that will likely attract your audience attention. Presenting your data in the most effective way will allow you to better explain the impacts of your research results on your organization. In this way, you will more likely take better marketing decisions with your team based on your findings