Setting Up a Google Analytics Account and Connecting Data to Tableau

If you are looking to gain insights from your website visitors, you must consider setting up a Google Analytics account that will help you capture important data about your consumer behavior. Once collecting information about your users through Google platform, Tableau can allow you to track and link essential data about your customers to reach conclusions about your business. Indeed, Tableau can help you identify and understand data that you may not have been able to extract with other tools. Those pieces of data you will discover from the state-of-the-art data analytics software Tableau can allow you to step ahead from your main competitors.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is free platform to Google Users providing you with important insights about your website visitors and their behaviors while they are browsing your site through statistical data. Those analytical information can help you identify marketing trends and opportunities to improve the performance of your organization.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a popular Business Intelligence Tool that companies use to convert raw data into visuals making it easier to understand the meaning of the business information you input in your file. This software can allow you to perform powerful analysis of the state of your Business.

How to Create a Google Analytics account?

In order to set up an account, you can access the Google Analytics website and login to your Google account. As soon you login, the Google Analytics home page will appear in your screen. Once you reached this page, you will have to click on the Admin button located at the top left corner. The screen will show you the three main sections for creating the account which are account, property and view.

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You will first have to click on account in which you will have to choose an account name and create a link with your organization. The next step would be to go to the property set up in which you will enter your website name, URL, industry category and time zone and click on create.

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How to Transfer your Data from Google Analytics to Tableau?

In order to connect your Google Analytics data to Tableau, you first need to make sure to download the software from the organization’s website,  (Links to an external site.)Once you login, the home page will appear in which you will find in the Connect column the option to connect to a server. In the section, “connect to a server”, you will find “Google Analytics” as shown in the image below.

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After you select Google Analytics, you will enter your Google credentials in the dialogue box or select your desired Google account already saved.

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Once entering your login information, make sure you are signed in in Google Analytics. Then the below screen will appear in which Tableau will request access to your data from Google Analytics and which you have to click on “accept”.

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Following this, a page showing the configuration settings will show in which you will be able to see your account, property and view set ups. You will have the option to select the date range you would like to pull your data in. You also have the option of filtering your users in the segment dropdown. Then, Google Analytics allow you to select the dimensions and measures of your choice or select a predefined set. According to the organization Hevo specialized in data analysis (Links to an external site.), Google Analytics gives you the possibility to select no more than 7 dimensions and 10 measures to be displayed.

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Now that you learned about the steps to connect Google Analytics to Tableau, you will be able to start visualizing and analyzing your data in the different sheet tabs in Tableau. You will see how life-changing it will be for you as a Marketing professional willing to identify areas of improvement in your business and reach greater business performance.