Marriott International – A Leading Example of Hotel Corporation that has Revolutionized the Customer Loyalty Strategies in the Industry

Marriott International (Links to an external site.) is one of the largest hotel corporations in the industry with a portfolio of 30 brands and more than 7000 properties located in 131 countries around the world. Since its foundation, the organization has strived to be an exemplary model in customer loyalty strategies. Indeed, significant innovation in terms of customer experience has been one of the main reasons this hotel parent company has led the industry. If you are a hotelier looking to increase your customer’s loyalty, then Marriott could be a source of inspiration to offer seamless experience to your guests enticing them to stay again at your property. Customer’s delight and personalization have been at the center of Marriott strategies which have proved to be the key to the company’s success.

What is Customer Loyalty in the Hotel Industry?

Customer loyalty can be measured by how likely your guests will repeat business at your hotel and the reasons behind the decision of staying at your property again over time. According to the hotel sales and marketing organization CVENT (Links to an external site.), it is the result of superior service making guests trusting the brand and encouraging them to become loyal. Indeed, CVENT lists the different ways guest’s loyalty can be gained which are exceeding guest’s expectations, offering unique and personalized experience, understanding guest’s needs and wants, showing care to guest’s feedbacks, demonstrating dedication to service improvement and developing strong and long-lasting ties with frequent travelers. Customer’s loyalty strategies have evolved over the generation in the hotel industry especially with new technologies enabling the use of valuable guest’s data.

How Marriott Has Inspired the Hotel Industry with its Innovative Customer Loyalty Strategies

This company has thought beyond providing comfortable rooms and beautiful hotel lobbies to improve their guest’s satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, Marriott has gone above offering simple loyalty programs to its members that offer upgrades and discounts by redeeming points. Indeed, the organization has implemented ingenious plans to attract repeat guests to its numerous properties across the globe. Here are some strategies that Marriott uses to attract frequent guests and increase their lifetime values according to the organization Sharpen specialized in customer satisfaction:

Personalized Guest’s Interaction: Marriott has offered the possibility to its guests to interact with its property’s operators before, during and after their stay to better understand and satisfy their needs. Through digital platforms, the organization has allowed digital interaction with its guests to customize their stays. The company has also partnered with organizations like Salesforce (Links to an external site.) to offer frictionless and seamless experience to its guest by having a comprehensive view of their profiles. The technology offered by Salesforce allows employees to communicate with guests doing special requests from any channel (website, mobile apps, etc). For example, via live chat, a guest can ask for special types of pillows and dry-cleaning service even months or weeks in advance. Indeed, the company has seen the willingness of its guests to share information which can allow to anticipate needs and significantly improve guest’s experience. As a result, the organization has been successful at strengthening relationships with its guests who look forward to their next visit.

Offering data-driven experience: Marriott has used state-of-the-art technologies allowing to collect valuable information about its guests and offer data driven experience. As the company is focused on having a clear understanding of its customers, hotel administrators are able to offer the most personalized experience to its guests. As a result of informing business decisions through the wide use of people’s data, Marriott is able to better meet guest’s expectations and drive customer’s loyalty.

Making employees happy to make customers happy: Marriott has focused its efforts on taking good care of their employees so they are motivated to take good care of its guests. Showing care to its employees has been at the heart of the organization success in terms of customer’s loyalty. The Executive Vice-President of the corporation, David Rodriguez (Links to an external site.) said that putting people first which is the first core value of the company has pushed its workers to achieve their outmost performance. As a result, caring about their employee’s well-being has been key to have engaged workers motivated to provide excellent customer service experience. As a result, Marriott has been able to retain a talent poll dedicated to make guests satisfied and loyal to the brand.

In sum, Marriott has understood how cheaper it is to attract loyal customers than new ones. The organization has been successful as its operators are not focused on offering a single good hotel experience but rather encouraging their guests to continue have Marriott as first choice for future stays. Except from having a successful loyalty program, the company has taken innovative initiatives to retain its guests through customer’s care. Start applying Marriott methods based on customer care and delight, and you will see how your customer’s loyalty will significantly increase at your property!