Make your Hotel Occupancy at the Highest with these Promotional Strategies

Are you a hotelier wondering which promotional strategies are the most effective for your property and how to apply them to drive business ?

With the wide competition in the hotel industry mostly with Airbnb significantly increasing in popularity, hotels have to review carefully their promotional strategies. In this way, they are able to differentiate in the market and attract as many potential customers as possible. As a hotel professional, it is important to be familiar with the most popular promotional strategies used in the industry known to be effective to maximize revenues. Whatever type of hotel you have from Economy to Luxury, it is time to ensure these five following strategies (Links to an external site.) are used by your property to succeed in this current and competitive market.

  1. Have the Most Up-to-Date Booking Technology

Nowadays, most of the bookings for hotels are made online. According to Tripadvisor (Links to an external site.), the percentage of people booking online is 75%. 15% book by email or on the phone and only 10% still book with travel agents. These statistics show how important it is for you to make sure that you have a user-friendly online platform. It is crucial for you to make sure that you have a website that contains as much information as possible about your offers. You also have to ensure that the booking process can be done easily through your website. According to the Online Advertising organization World Stream, (Links to an external site.) the abandonment rate is 75% for people who try to book a hotel online. Thus, consider making your booking engine enjoyable for your guests ! As Online Travel Agencies are very popular and account for half of the online bookings according to TravelWeekly organization (Links to an external site.), you have to work on making your website more attractive than OTAs. For instance, you can think about having unique technology such as allowing your future guests to make a virtual tour of your property and rooms they are interested to book. You can also promote incentives through your website that your hotel offer if people choose to book directly with you rather than with OTAs.

  1. Make your Social Media Trendy and Engaging

 Nowadays, social media are leading the way in terms of promotional strategies. Indeed, social media are so powerful these days that according to the expert Keran Smith from Lyfe Marketing organization, (Links to an external site.) 97% of marketing professional use these platform to reach and engage their audience. 3.1 billion people will use social media by 2021 according to the same expert. These statistics make it clear that you have to make sure you design very attractive social media pages and keep your customers engaged through these platforms. Social media has been recognized to be the most revenue-driven strategy that you can use nowadays for your hotel. The best way you can drive business to your hotel using social media is focusing on highlighting the unique amenities your property offers and showcasing your employees contributing in exceeding your guest’s expectations. Also, try to interact with your guests as much as possible through these platforms to keep them engaged with your brand.

  1. Rewarding your Repeat Guests

 You might not think of it as a promotional strategy but the simplest way to make your brand attractive to your most loyal guests is to recognize them. Recognizing them by their names and personalizing their experience by keeping records of their preferences will leave them with long-lasting memories. It is a simple way to reward your repeat guests who will likely return to your hotel as you have would have built unique connection with them. To motivate your loyal guests to come back to your property, you can also offer them special discounts or vouchers in attractions or restaurants nearby. This can be a way to reinforce your relationships with your repeat guests. This can contribute in having positive word of mouth from these guests who will probably recommend your property to their surroundings.

  1. Partnership with Businesses in your Area

 If you are willing to make your hotel more appealing to your guests, you can consider having partnerships with local businesses. It is a win-win strategy as these local businesses will have more customers. In addition, you can attract more people to book in your property by promoting the special offers they can benefit from these local business by staying in your hotel. As a result, those partnerships can contribute in improving your guest’s experience. These partnerships can be an effective way to promote your brand, and it can help to maximize revenues for both your hotel and other businesses. Thus, you should definitely consider implementing this strategy.

  1. Make the Most with your Email Marketing

Emails have demonstrated to be very effective to attract potential guests. You can use emails in many different ways. As mentioned earlier, the abandonment rate is very high. Thus, you can consider using emails for remarketing purpose to remind people who already visited and interacted with your website to book with your hotel. You can also send emails to guests who already stayed at your hotel to ask them to leave online reviews. By sending emails encouraging to share their opinions about their stay, you will increase the review flow for your hotel. This will be highly favorable as more and more people rely on reviews from other people before booking their stay. A research done by TripAdvisor (Links to an external site.) found that 96% of people consider taking a look at reviews crucial before selecting a particular hotel and 83% will make reference of reviews before making their choice to book a specific hotel. These statistics clearly show that people are interested to know about other people’s experience before booking their stay, so use your email marketing to ensure significant and positive word of mouth for your company. You can also motivate people to join your reward programs through email marketing and send newsletters to constantly remind guests about your property.

Now that you know about these promotional strategies and tips to effectively use them, you are ready to make people excited to book in your property. Prepare yourself to be busy !