It is Time to Implement Google Ads if You Have Not Done So !

Are you looking to improve your digital marketing strategies ? Well, implementing Google Ads is a good way to start. In fact, Google Ads are one of the most effective ways to promote your brands nowadays. If you want to reach a considerable number of potential customers and engage with them, you should consider becoming an expert in Google Ads. Here is why you should master Google Ads and what you should know about it:

First of all, it is important to know that Google Ads is an advertising program run online through Google. According to the official website of Google Ads, implementing this technique allows you to create advertising and display it online where there are customers that potentially show interest about your company’s services or products. In other words, this can help your organization attract customers who are searching for what is offered by your company. You have the options through Google Ads to either pay per click, pay per impressions or pay per engagement (Google Ads, 2021). Those terms are qualified as bidding which is the bid that a company is willing to pay for its placement. Below are the definition of the three different options according to Google Partners :

• CPC : It is the amount of money a company pays for every single click through its ads.

• CPM : It is the amount of money that a company spends per each thousand impressions through its ads.

• CPE : It is the amount of money invested by a company for each of the action taken by a customer through its ad (Garrity, 2016).

You can learn below about the pros and cons of each bidding strategy that can help you identify which options you want to use.

It is also important to understand the different kinds of advertising campaigns which are explained as followed according to Google Patners. Search ads are displayed through the results page in Google. Display ads are text and image-based ads displayed on websites visited by potential customers. Video ads are the advertising found on Youtube that have duration that ranges from 6 to 15 seconds depending on the type of ad created (Google Partners, 2021).

According to the official website where you can study Google Ads Video, Bumpers and True View are two different ad formats. Bumpers are ads that last six seconds and that are non-skippable. True View are ads that are skippable after five seconds and that is displayed either before, during or after a video in Youtube. Customers have the choice to engage with the ad when it is True View (Google, 2021).

Displaying advertising on Google and Youtube can be very efficient for your company as those platforms have wide visitors traffic. “Every month, more than 1 billion people watch more than six 6 billion hours of YouTube videos” (Garrity, 2016). In addition, the search queries received daily by Google is around 5 billion (Perricone, 2021).

Several research have demonstrated the effectiveness of using this online advertising program. Here are some statistics that the Marketing Expert Christina Perricone mentions in her article named “The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads”:

• The click-through rate is around 8% with Google Ads.

• There are 43% customers who buy a product or service they discovered through

Google Ads.

• For every 1 dollar spent through Google Ads, companies make around 8 dollars.

• 180 million impressions are generated through Google Ads each month (Perricone,


Here are some practices that should be adopted to use Google Ads efficiently according to the

Google Advertising binder. According to the Video Advertising Exam Refresher Guide by Google Partners, before running an ad, it is crucial to choose the right keywords so that

Google place it in front of the right audience. Moreover, it is important to work on having a relevant ad that matches the keywords selected in order to maximize customer’s engagement (Google Partners, 2021). Also, companies should focus on improving the score given by Google which is called the Quality score in order to have better placements.

Lastly, the landing page should contain as many information as possible and be user friendly to ensure a good customer’s experience that will motivate them to take actions and convert (Perricone, 2021).

Finally, if you want to measure the success of your Google Ads, you are able to access the Google Analytics reports that include a lot of data that analyze customer’s behavior with regards to the ads . In this way, you know how to improve your advertising campaigns to reach and engage more people.