How to Create Compelling Marketing Content to Improve your Hotel Attractiveness

Are you a hotelier willing to enhance your content marketing strategies, then there are three words that should come to your mind “helpful, authentic, and unique” according to the organization Cvent. Creating content thinking about these adjectives will help you maximize your site traffic, attract your ideal guests and increase their engagement with your brand. This is the best way to promote your property’s storytelling and build trust with your customers. As you are willing to develop credibility among your target audience, creating quality content for your hotel should be your priority.

How to Best Define Content Marketing and Why is It Important?

Content marketing in the hotel industry consists of the creation of valuable assets to draw interest towards your brand among your prospect and existing guests. The content created must show expertise to enhance your brand image. Hotel content can take form of blogs, images, videos, texts, virtual tours, podcasts, etc. Compelling content should be useful, relevant, and demonstrating genuine care to your guests. In this way, you will be able to start offering unique experience to your future visitors through the exposure of your content before they even step up at your property. Your brand will then become top-of-mind among your potential guests, and this will considerably boost your occupancy.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some examples of content marketing initiatives you can take:

Creating Unique Content for your Food and Beverage Department:

Your food and beverage department should go beyond offering a simple dining experience. For instance, you could immerse your guests into the activities of your kitchen. You could create a cookbook that includes recipes from your kitchen staff. For example, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Marrakech shared a video in Youtube that was posted in the hotel’s website explaining the cooking process of a “fish tagine”, famous Moroccan dish. You could also dedicate a page in your website in which you can post videos showcasing how days at the kitchen look like for the chef. You could also have a page with article talking about the benefits of the ingredients used for the different dishes offered at your property’s restaurants. You could also create a blog in which you can publish posts promoting your culinary excellence and restaurant’s ambiance.

Developing a Creative Hotel Blog:

In this new era, people are looking for information to gain inspiration and develop their knowledge. Thus, you should not only consider promoting your hotel story, but you should also develop helpful content showing care to your guests. A blog can be the perfect platform to offer educative content that will draw your blog visitor’s interest. Offering this type of content will allow you to build strong ties between your brand and customers.

For instance, Kimpton Hotels created a blog called “Life Is a Suite” to keep conversations with its guests by taking readers through mini adventures in the different destinations of the various properties. The blog also includes articles about the initiatives the hotels are taking to enhance the guest’s experience. Your blog must of course link to your website to facilitate the sales funnel.

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Besides, a famous boutique hotel in Austria StadtHall that distinguishes through its environmental practices created a blog sharing content about sustainability. Indeed, the hotel understood what matters the most to their audience and is sharing about many different topics regarding the protection of the environment. This enables to create strong links with visitors interested in booking an eco-friendly hotel for a future stay.

Including a Podcast Channel in Your Site

Podcasts have proven to be a successful type of content in today’s world. Indeed, if you are looking to entertain and inspire your guests, you should start publishing podcasts in your site. Marriott International is an example of hotel corporations that have been active in podcasting using it at the center of their marketing strategies. For example, the company developed a podcast called Marriott Bonvoy Traveler’s Behind the Design in which listeners can learn about the propertie’s décor. Those podcasts include the recording of interviews of the top designers in the hotel industry discussing the latest innovation and trends in hotel designs that make a property special.

In this data-driven world, content marketing should be at the top of your strategies. As you are working on developing effective content, you will be impressed how you will better satisfy your customer’s needs and generate significant direct bookings. You will be able to strengthen the relationships between your guests and your property like you have never done before. There are endless opportunities when it comes to offering easily digestible content.  Content marketing requires a lot of efforts, but once you are in the right direction, you will see how worth it it is for your hotel business!