Google Ads Remarketing to Increase your Hotel Bookings

Are you a hotelier looking to increase your online hotel bookings? If the answer is yes, consider creating Google Ads in which you will set up a remarketing strategy. As there is a wide choice in terms of hotel options over the web, it is important to work on getting noticed. Indeed, remarketing through your online advertising is one of the most efficient strategies used to make your brand top-of-mind among customers. According to a research made by Expedia, customers are visiting 38 websites before taking the decision of booking a specific hotel. Remarketing is a powerful way to reconnect with your potential customers and enticing them in choosing to stay at your property over others.

What is Remarketing in Google Ads?

Remarketing is a type of online advertising aiming at retargeting customers who previously visited your website. Indeed, targeted ads are shown to your past visitors when they are browsing online searching, visiting websites or watching videos in Youtube. The goal of remarketing is simply motivating these potential customers who already demonstrated interest for your products and services to come back to your website and eventually take action.

Below is an illustration of how the remarketing process works through Google Ads according to the Online Advertising company Wordstream:


How to Launch Remarketing Campaigns?

If you are in the process of running Google Ads, make sure to add remarketing tags in your website so you can track visitors who already interacted with your website. These tags will allow you to add customers visiting your website to the list of your remarketing audience. Based on the pages your past visitors explored, you can create dynamic and tailored ads that will be shown to your potential customers while they are browsing online. There are different steps you should take to add remarketing tags to your campaign according to Think with Google Marketing Research organization.

Examples of Remarketing Campaigns:

One of the most famous companies known for being highly focused on creating powerful remarketing campaigns is Nike according to the Digital Marketing Company WebFX. Here is an example of how Nike reconnect with past visitors by running targeted ads about the apparels potential customers previously searched when browsing the website:

As you can see, this is a customized ad based on a previous activity on the website as it is showing shoes that were searched by a past visitor.

As a hotelier, you could do the same by creating tailored ads showing the rooms that your past visitors considered when visiting your website. Your ad should include a special deal to attract your audience in booking the rooms they have previously looked at during their first visit in your website. This is an example of an effective remarketing ad showing a special deal from the hotel Westport: