Detailed Targeting: Key to Success for your Hotel Facebook Ad Campaign

Are you a hotelier planning on launching a powerful Facebook ad for your hotel to boost your bookings? Then, you should take advantage of the advanced capabilities of this social media platform when it comes to the detailed targeting option that allows to get you in front of your perfect audience. Before running your campaign, you must first start thinking about a specific audience that highly aligns with your ad goal. Facebook will give you the possibility to enter specific details about your targeted customers. This will enable you to successfully reach your ideal guests.

How is Facebook Audience Defined?

According to the Social Media Management Organization Hootsuite, Facebook audience can be defined by the market you want your hotel brand to be exposed to on this social media platform with you ads. Facebook offers limitless options when it comes to defining your guests very specifically to target those potentially interested in booking a stay at your property. Facebook Ad allows you to target your audience based on gender, age and location. In addition, you also have the opportunity to add detailed demographics, interests and behaviors information so you can appeal to a niche market considering a vacation in a hotel of your style.

Targeting Based on Gender, Age and Location

Gender, age and location are the first information users share when creating a Facebook account. Thus, the basis to reach any type of audience you are considering is to enter those details. Indeed, it is a must to think of the age category of the market you want to target so you create ads appealing to the generation you are choosing. An effective marketing tactic used by marketers is creating ads optimized to the different genders. You can consider designing ads for women and men with different creatives to better attract both genders.

You are also able to enter the exact geographical location by putting an exact address that will show on the map. For instance, if you are looking to attract people interested in booking a last-minute hotel deal, you can target people living in the geographical area where your hotel is located. The geographical targeting also allows to select from a drop-down menu from which you are able to select from different location options as below. This option can be very helpful for your campaign depending on your campaign’s goal.

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Detailed Targeting: Demographics, Interests and Behaviors

The detailed targeting option allows you to input various demographics, interests, and behaviors information to better understand the hotel guests you want to attract to your property.

You have the ability to select your audience’s level of education, relationship status, income level, parents, etc. For instance, if you are operating a luxury hotel that has a high ADR (Average Daily Rate), you can target customers earning high incomes and are likely able to afford booking a stay at your property.  If, for example, your hotel is family-friendly, the “parents” category can be very helpful to reach families interested in taking vacations in a property that offers amenities for children. This way, you can think of promoting the attractions offered for children on-site such as waterslides, splash pools, etc. According to the travel digital marketing organization TravelBloom, you can narrow parents based on kid’s different ages (e.g: parents of preschoolers of 3 to 5 years old). Another example of an efficacious technique used by hotel marketers is targeting based on life events. In fact, you can reach people celebrating an upcoming anniversary. This is the opportunity for you to attract couples to book at your hotel.

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Facebook also collects a lot of behavioral data of its users. Thus, you have the possibility through this platform to target people willing to purchase a specific product or service. For instance, if you are managing a hotel that mainly attract business travelers from the international market, you can then select this segment as below:

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Besides, you can have your Facebook ads exposed to people who have expressed interest in specific topics by liking or following pages related to those subjects. It includes a wide range of categories from business to food and drinks, fitness and wellness, hobbies and activities and much more. For instance, your audience may have shown interest for pages related to travel or follow hotel pages. This is the chance for you to pointedly target these people who enjoy traveling. You can enter any topic in the search box to have matching interests suggested by Facebook. You can here break down the “hobbies and activities” in the travel related category to reach potential travelers.

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As a result-driven hotel marketer, it is crucial to have Facebook Ad as one of the main components of your marketing strategies especially in this digital era. Indeed, you will find a wealth of opportunities in this wide social media platform. After defining well the goal of your campaign and the travel sales funnel you want to address, it will be an easy task to define your guest’s personas. By creating ads highly tailored to your customers, you will create unique connections with your guests and make their dreams come true when deciding to book at your hotel for a getaway moment.  As Facebook offers a goldmine of data, take your time to rethink your target methods to create the most effective ads and maximize your property’s profits.