Are you a hotelier willing to enhance your marketing strategies? In this new era, if you want to maximize your ROI, it is a must to build a digital marketing plan following the latest trends. Indeed, a well-reflected digital marketing plan will allow you to generate valuable leads and significantly raise your hotel occupancy. There are several components you must implement in your digital marketing recipe for your hotel marketing success. You should be hungry for them so you can build powerful marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategies Defined

Digital marketing strategies can be explained by the different marketing initiatives you take online to promote your hotel and attract new and existing hotel guests. It is all the marketing efforts performed across multiple digital channels to improve your guest’s experience. According to the Marketing company WebFX, there are 7.7 billion online users across the globe.  As online searches and social media are becoming an important part of people’s routine, it is important to be familiar with the digital marketing environment. In this way, you will be able to develop the strongest relationships with your guests, build long-lasting memories and drive your booking conversions.

3 Digital Marketing Elements to Consider for your Hotel Success

There are several components you must implement in your digital marketing plan if you want to significantly increase your hotel occupancy.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Nowadays, SEO strategies have proved to be the foundation of powerful digital marketing. Those refer to the techniques used to improve your ranking in the search results online. According to the digital marketing company ImForza, search engines are the basis of 93% of online experiences and 75% of users explore only the first page appearing in the search results. Whatever how your hotel website looks like, if it does not show on the first online results page, you will not be found. The better your ranking is on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), the more leads you will receive for your room bookings. Indeed, people will likely reserve a room in your hotel as a high ranking on the web translates to your property having a good reputation. If you are looking to improve your SEO strategies, make sure to have a website with quality content driving your target audience’s interest. Furthermore, it is important to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for your users once they navigate your website.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

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If you are looking for an affordable option for advertising online, Pay-Per-Click ad so-called PPC is an effective strategy to ensure your presence in the SERPs while establishing your SEO ranking. PPC ads can help you generate significant leads for your hotel as you launch your campaigns. The advantage is that you will pay only when your potential guests click on your ads. Your ads will also appear in the search results page of people who are likely interested in booking a hotel of your type. Indeed, PPC offers features allowing you to define your audience with details (e.g: demographics, behavioral, location, devices, etc) and reach your desired hotel guests.

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media are one of the most valuable digital marketing components in this new era. According to the University of Maine, 4.48 billion people around the world use social media. SmartInsights also records a daily use of social media of 2 hours and 27 minutes. These statistics show how important are social media for your digital promotion. Below is a ranking of the most used social media:

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Those social media are an important part of your existing and potential guest’s daily routines. Ideally, you should be active on most of these channels if you want to maximize your brand awareness and your room sales. As a hotel marketer, you must be looking for building the strongest relationships with your guests and offering them a unique experience. If you want to achieve so, social media gives you these endless possibilities to connect with people and deliver personalized services. You can also discover consumer insights and trends that can help you elevate your hotel offerings and distinguish from your competitive set. Social media also allows to launch paid campaigns specifically tailored to your target audience. The analytics of those ads will reveal many aspects of your ideal guests’ behaviors. As a result, you will be able to create well-optimized social media promotions that will be highly attractive to your market.

If you are looking to build an authoritative online presence, those digital elements must be considered in your hotel digital marketing to not miss out on important revenues. Those digital marketing methods are measurable and can help you obtain important conclusions for your hotel business. In fact, you will be able to understand more than ever your guest’s needs and implement the right strategies to exceed their expectations. As there are no geographical boundaries with the strategies described previously, you will be able to reach guests from all around the world. This would be an asset for your hotel that can highly distinguish with its rich guest’s diversity. Not only these digital marketing components are cost-effective, but they will also help you generate the most qualified leads and generate significant profits for your hotel.