A Guide to Essential Youtube Analytics Metrics

Have you recently run ads through Youtube ? Are you a beginner running campaigns using this social media channel ? Are you willing to know about the performance of your videos and see how the contents of your ads engaged your viewers ? Maybe, you want to know more about your target audience and see how you could make your ad more powerful ? The answer is simple. Go explore Youtube Analytics if you still have not done so. You will be amazed about all the useful information this tool will provide to you.

Youtube Analytics Defined

According to the Social Media Marketing Organization HootSuite, Youtube Analytics is a tool that will help you measure the performance of your video content through different metrics. Some examples of metrics that you can track about your ad are views, subscribers, audience demographics, likes, etc. Those metrics can be very interesting to you as you will be able to see how your target audience reacts to your content.

Why is Youtube Analytics Important ?

Youtube Analytics is crucial for you as a marketer who should constantly be looking to create content of high quality appealing to your viewers. If your ad is not as engaging and does not not have as much views as you had expected, Youtube Analytics can help you find the issue and understand how you can improve your ad.

5 Must Know Youtube Analytics Metrics

Here are some Youtube Analytics Metrics that you should master if you want to understand how engaging your ads are and reasons why they are important to know according to the social media analytics organization Keyhole :

Views : Views is the most important metrics as it shows you how many people watched your video.

Watch Time : Watch time is essential to know as it determines your ad’s engagement level as it shows you the aggregated time your viewers watched your content. Indeed, this metric shows the total number of minutes your viewers dedicated watching the video. If you ad has a high watch time, you will have better chance getting a high rank of your video from Youtube which will attract more people to view your ad.

Average View Duration : It can be defined by the duration of the video watched per view. It is the average number of minutes watched per viewer. If your video engage with your viewer, the average view duration will be high as people watched most of the content. Your search ranking on Youtube depends on this metric. Indeed, the higher is the average view duration, the better chance your ad will be recommended.

Average Percentage Viewed : It is characterized by how much percent of the video in average is watched by a viewer. It measures the ability of your video to catch your viewer’s attention for the entirety of the ad. If the percentage is low, it means that your ad is not succeeding at connecting with the viewers which can affect your ranking in Youtube.

Audience Retention : Audience Retention is important to understand as it can help you see when the viewer’s attention is at the highest and when it is dropping. Understanding this data can help you improve your video as you will see which content is the most attractive to your audience and focus on this in the next campaign. It can help you guide your marketing strategies for future video ads as it helps identify what is catchy and what is boring to your audience. There are two audience retention reports that you should look for in Youtube Analytics which are the Absolute Retention Report and Relative Retention Report. The Absolute Retention report helps determine how well your ad succeeded at retaining your viewers. The Relative Retention report helps you determine how well your add succeeded at retaining your viewers as compared to similar ads of competitors.

Of course, continue to rely on your creativity when creating your video ads while taking into consideration the data given by Youtube Analytics as it will help you understand your viewer’s want. By knowing the interest of your audience through Youtube Analytics, you will see how successful you will be running your next campaigns ! You will be surprised how helpful the data that this tool provide will be to create powerful ads with high quality content helping you connect with your viewers and convert your customers.