Post-Pandemic Hotel Digital Marketing Trends Transforming the Guest Experience

Willing to adapt to today’s ever-changing environment and make your hotel highly stand out among your competitive set? Wondering how you can boost your property’s Occupancy and Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) post-pandemic times?

Then, you must watch my video to learn about the most recent marketing trends witnessed by one of the most renowned and accomplished hotel experts in Florida.

It was such an honor to have Mohan Koka, General Manager at Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach, participate in my Interview. I was truly delighted to gain his valuable insights about the new marketing opportunities and shifts pandemic times have brought to the hotel industry. Indeed, these unprecedented times have definitely been a catalyst for innovation and changes in a world that has become undeniably digital. Hoteliers have had to think outside the box and had to be creative more than ever to appeal to their target audiences.

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Guests you Want to Appeal to Maximize your Hotel Profit in Today’s Era!

Are you a hotel marketer willing to attract profitable audiences and follow today’s trends? Whatever type of accommodation you are offering, there are a variety of travelers with different needs and wants. Nowadays, many people are not only looking to book a hotel stay but also live unique experiences. There are different types of guest’s personas you should consider as they are becoming widely present. Besides from attracting your typical customers, there are countless targeting opportunities that will help you boost your hotel occupancy. Once devising your marketing strategy, you will be able to identify guests you might encounter at your property. You will then be able to create strong brand resonance among them and generate significant direct bookings.

How to best define a guest persona and why is it an important process in your marketing strategy?

Guest persona can be defined by the representation of the ideal guests you want to target at your hotel. It is a model developed enabling to better understand your various guest’s demographic attributes, lifestyles, behaviors, values, etc. Crafting your guest’s persona requires relying on data but also experiences and behaviors of travelers frequenting your property. It is simply fictional biographies that allow you to better picture your guests. Below is an example of a consumer persona model you can get inspired from to create yours following a similar template:

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This is a must-to-do exercise if you want to engage in powerful marketing for your property. Indeed, as you will think about your guest’s likings, you will be able to successfully accommodate them based on their preferences. You will then be able to offer seamless customer journeys. You can nowadays access to a great quantity of useful customers data thanks to your internal guest’s property management systems. You can also analyze guest’s reviews in travel organization with user-generated content such as TripAdvisor. The Hotel news organization HospitalityNet also suggest to access insightful data through Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics.

2 Types of Hotel Guests to Appeal to Follow the Tendencies:

There are different types of customers you need to consider if you are looking to boost your hotel occupancy:

Green Travelers Guest’s Persona

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There is a considerable rise in environmental-conscious travelers. Sustainably-minded guests are likely looking to book at properties that can help them minimize their carbon footprint. If you want to appeal these guests, you must emphasize your promotions on the eco-friendly initiatives taken at your property. If you are looking for inspiration to charm them, there are many sustainable practices you can consider to make your hotel stand out towards green travelers. First, it is a must to participate in on-site recycling programs. For instance, guests can be reminded to reuse towels and bed sheets through sensitizing the guests in saving natural sources like water. You can also decrease the waste of rare resources like plastic and paper by for example providing keyless check-in and check-out. You can also make your rooms green by installing smart showers and light sensors. Moreover, you can have your room furniture made of sustainable material. Instead of providing your guests with paper cups, you can offer reusable glasses and coffee cups. You can also offer product toiletries sets in biodegradable packaging. In your different dining venues, you should also serve locally sourced ingredients and support area farmers. As well, it is crucial nowadays to offer vegan and vegetarian options on your menus requiring fewer resources than producing meat.

An example of a famous hotel corporation that distinguishes through its environmental practice is Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Indeed, this luxury hotel organization eliminated all the single-use plastic products across all departments in its various properties around the world starting the end of 2021. According to the organization Balance Small Business, plastic takes between 10 to 1000 years decomposing and is thus very harmful to the environment. Abolishing plastic is crucial in your strategies if you want to be recognized as an eco-friendly property.

Digital Nomads Guest’s Persona

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The digital nomad travelers are working professionals who have the possibility to work remotely. They can work independently anywhere as long as they have access to a WiFi connection. Many of them take advantage of this work flexibility to travel and change their usual home office settings. They want to experience a new environment and escape their daily routine. They are looking for inspiration to gain motivation and be more productive. According to an investigation conducted by Airbnb, there has been a 125% increase in online search using the following keywords “location” and “remote work”. This means that there is a huge opportunity for your hotel to target this profitable audience. According to the marketing research organization The Harris Poll, 74% Americans working from home are willing to take a workcation. Indeed, there is an increasing demand of people looking for compelling work-from-home hotel packages. If you want to captivate this desirable audience at your property, you must consider offering office-style room amenities and desk essentials. You should promote special extended stay and day-use space offers specifically tailored to telecommuters. You can also innovate and have tools in the room that can enhance the comfort of these remote workers. For example, you can provide video conferencing equipment and computer desk stand. You should also know that remote workers likely love to step out from their comfort zones and enjoy working in public settings. Thus, you could dedicate an area of your hotel for welcoming and cozy workspaces. You should also consider being aware of the business events. You can do so through partnering with your city Convention Center that can provide you with the conferencing schedules. In this way, you can even have as part of your marketing strategies organizing social gathering for this special community.

An example of a hotel that highly distinguishes through its work-from-home packages is the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel. This property located in Miami Beach steps from the Convention center is offering office supplies, free printing and unlimited coffee to its guests. They also enhanced the WiFi connection in all areas of the hotels including in the poolside area. The hotel even revamped their pool cabanas to make it comfortable for people who want to use those spaces as an “office”. The property also created a $125 per day package that allows people to use rooms with office amenities for the days.

You might be focusing mostly on attracting your most typical guests who usually walk through your door. However, now that you are more familiar with these profitable audiences, try implementing marketing strategies to reach them. Nowadays, those types of travelers are becoming more popular. As you understand these guests’ segments needs, you can craft communications and offers that will highly resonate to them. Through appealing to these guest’s persona, you will strongly differentiate in this competitive industry. You will be able to attract a multitude of guests and fully occupy your hotel most of the time of the year!

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