Personalization is a Must in your Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are looking to drive significant revenues to your property, you should consider implementing personalization techniques in your digital marketing initiatives. Several research have shown that people are increasingly looking to book a stay in hotels that offer personalized experience. There are several ways you can practice personalization in the world of digital.     You might be wondering how you can create experiences that will be remembered by your hotel guests in your digital marketing techniques. There are many hotels leading the way offering one-of-a-kind experience from data-driven personalized ads, food and beverage or concierge AI systems and so on…

Why is Personalization Important in your Marketing Strategies?

Personalization is crucial if you want to be a successful hotelier as you will be accommodating the guests based on their preferences and needs. It involves crafting personalized messages in your marketing campaigns. You will make each of your guests feel like a VIP as you will be responding to their desires. This is the way you can make your guests feel special and as a result motivated to stay at your hotel. In order to be able to offer such personalized experiences in your digital marketing strategies, you must be very knowledgeable about your target audience. You should take advantage of your guest’s data coming from your social and digital platform to create customized experience and become the property of people’s choice.

Examples of Hotels that Standout With Personalized Digital Marketing Initiatives

Library Hotels is an example of a hotel chain that has launched a novel approach to hospitality through offering unique personalized experience to its guests. One of the strategies they use is to send a digital form requesting to share the reason for traveling. Then, the hotel sends the guest links in which they can purchase experiences according to the goal of their guest’s trips. It is a simple gesture but it really shows genuine care to people who look forward for their visits.

AccorHotels has launched a chatbot in Facebook Messenger so-called Mercure Bot that allows people to explore their hotels all around the world. It also offers a digital concierge service that allows interactions with guests and guide them in their travel. Thanks to this chatbot, the hotel corporation has been able to track their guest’s locations and details that no human can get. The valuable insights gained from the bot has helped AccorHotels to make uniquely tailored recommendations to its customers and gove above and beyond their expectations.

Best Western has designed interactive ads on its social media platforms powered by AI technologies. People exposed to the ads are encouraged to answer series of questions that trigger people to consider booking a trip thanks to recommendations shared in the ads. Those ads give the opportunity to start conversations with guests by sharing information on potential upcoming travels according to their needs. Those ads gives the possibility to do a virtual tour in the different properties, learn more about the amenities offered and book a hotel stay.

Virgin Hotels decided to create an app for its guests after they conducted investigation and found that most of the travelers remain connected in their smartphones while on a trip. Based on their findings, the hotel corporation’s marketing executives designed an app called Lucy. This mobile app allows to proceed with check-in, restaurant reservations, in-room dining ordering, room temperature change, etc. They also developed a program called The Know encouraging direct booking to obtain the lowest rates, upgrades and unique service personalization. Guests also have the ability to record their preferences in the app. For instance, they can enter their allergies or dietary preferences or restrictions, their pet preferred treats, their favorites items to be stocked in the minibar and so on. As a result, Virgin Hotels has been successful offering undifferentiated experiences to their guests. Indeed, all these guests data collected thanks to the app allows them to surprise their guests in each stay at their properties.

Hotels have been constantly innovating to offer the most personalized experience to guests. This digital era offers countless opportunities to offer high-touch customer service in high-tech environments. If your hotel wins in the digital personalized marketing contest, you will highly differentiate in this competitive industry and gain important market share. In all your digital marketing initiatives, make sure to offer the most personalized and convenient communications to impress your guests. As you will be creating insights-driven digital marketing material, you will be able to contribute to your guest’s happiness and increase their loyalty. It is time to start this game to create an impact in the industry and become a successful hotel marketer more than ever!