Implementing PPC through Search Ads To Profit Your Business

Are you a marketing professional looking to promote your company and increase potential customer’s conversion and sales online ? If you are willing to improve your digital marketing strategies, consider learning about Pay-Per-Click advertising and use it to generate more business to your organization. You might be wondering what PPC exactly stands for and how you will make it work. Here is a guide about what you need to know about this process.

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) ?

As the name of this process suggests, Pay-Per-Click is a well-known model in marketing in which you will pay for each user’s click on your ads posted online. The purpose of the ads is to direct users who click on them to your website facilitating your customer’s journey. The ultimate goal of these ads is to lead people in purchasing your products or services.

This strategy is becoming more and more popular in the market. An investigation made by the Marketing Company Clutch has found that 45% of small companies are devoting a portion of their budget on pay-per-click advertising. Here are some other interesting statistics about PPC according to the consulting company 99 Firms.

Search Advertising

Search engines are where those ads are displayed most frequently as it is one of the most popular forms of the PPC model. Indeed, ads are posted in sponsored links where users are searching for particular keywords that are related to your products or services offering. Below is an image retrieved from a content web page of the digital marketing services company Portent showing how search ads look like :

If you create attractive search ads, you will likely have PPC that will work efficiently. Indeed, people will be enticed to click on your ads and enter your website in which they might take action. In this case, the fee you will pay for those clicks would be insignificant as the the visit to your website would be worth more than what you paid to have people click on your ads displayed on the search results. In its article about PPC, the search marketing company WordStream mentions the following example to illustrate this idea: if you pay 3 dollars for one click on your ad that generates $300 in sales, then you are making an important profit implying that your ad effort was worth it. Your goal through those search ads is to succeed to make major sales from user’s clicks. The more you will proceed in doing PPC in the correct way, the less the search engine will charge you as you will create satisfying promotional material. When working on PPC campaigns, it is crucial to select the right keywords and organize well your ad groups. Also, make sure to create landing pages in your website that make the conversion process smooth to your customers.

Google Ads : the Most Famous System for PPC Advertising

 Google properties including its search engines are very powerful when it comes to offering platforms allowing you to create and promote your ads. Google Ads follows the Pay-Per-Click models in which you will bid on specific keywords and pay for each click on your ad. Every time people are initiating searches, your ad enters into an ad auction in which your ad will be ranked. Indeed, Google selects ‘‘ad winners’’ and would offer you valuable space on the search results page depending on the quality of the advertising and keywords relevance. The Ad rank is particularly based on the results of multiplying two different factors :

CPC Bid= The maximum amount you are willing to spend when it comes to Cost Per Click.

Quality score= Evaluating the click-through-rate as well as ad relevance and effectiveness of landing page.

Here is the Formula used by Google to determine the ad rank :

Ad Rank= CPC Bid * Quality Score

In sum, through the PPC process, you basically buy visits to your website which will help you market your business and generate more profits. If you still have not done so, consider implementing PPC and using it in the most effective way to increase your brand’s awareness and your sales. Indeed, a research made by Google in 2014 has shown that ads in search results can help grow brand’s awareness by 80%. Whenever you are ready, the first step would be to create a Google Ad account and set up your ads through this platform.

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