Applying Neuromarketing Techniques to Revolutionize your Hotel Strategies

Are you a hotelier looking for innovative techniques with your team in your marketing department? Then, you should consider implementing neuromarketing which is an emerging method in the business world. Numerous renowned hotel groups around the world are using neuromarketing such as Accor Hotels to offer unique experience to its guests. Through human intelligence evaluation, neuromarketing in the hotel industry can allow to analyze the decision-making drivers during booking processes. If you are looking to improve your hotel marketing and operations, neuromarketing is an effective business solution that can help you understand better the tourist mind stimuli.

How is Neuromarketing Defined?

Also called consumer neuroscience, neuromarketing is the study of the human brain in relation with consumer behavior. As this technique can reveal a lot about consumer decision making processes, it has proved to be a revolutionary business method for marketers. According to Harvard Business Review, the neural and physiological signals measured by state-of-the-art neuromarketing technologies offer insights about preferences and motivations of customers.  Applied to the hotel industry, neuromarketing allows to assess the unconscious drivers in terms of hotel and booking choices among tourists. As a result, marketers are able to optimize their strategies to be more appealing to their audience and driving conversions.

Below is a chart illustrating the neuromarketing process guiding business decisions and enticing customer’s purchases:

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Different Neuromarketing Measures Revealing Insights to the Hotel Industry

There are different elements to measure human signals used for neuromarketing purposes such as facial expression, eye movements, skin reactions, blood pressure and heart rate to assess unconscious customer’s responses to specific stimuli. Hector De Castro, founder of the EcoHotelProjects and HotelNeuromarketinglists those different signals measured when working on neuromarketing projects which are listed below:

  • fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • EEG (Electroencephalography), SST (Steady State Topography)
  • MEG (Magneto Encephalography)
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • Galvanic Skin Response or Skin Conductance
  • Eye Tracking Method.

The organization Neurology Insights quotes the following example of a signal measured revealing a particular tourist’s reponse: “an increase in theta waves in the frontal lobe usually means heightened engagement with ethical messaging”. This for instance can show marketers that initiatives to protect the environment such as the reuse of towels are valued by a particular guest.

In sum, thanks to these measures, marketers are able to assess the traveler’s brain activity when experiencing your property and being exposed to your hotel advertising and promotional campaigns. Through a good understanding of these stimuli based on experiments, you will be better at anticipating your guest’s needs. This will then allow you to exceed your customer’s expectations through delivering delightful moments before, during and after their stays.

Once you begin to apply this futuristic strategy in the marketing field, you will be surprised how you will enhance your hotel brand and customer lifetime value. As a result, you will be able to achieve the greatest business performance and reach the highest RevPar (Revenues per Available Rooms) at your property.  There are so many neuromarketing consulting firms you can partner with, but experts recommend to make enough research before selecting a company that has tracked records of success in this matter. Once you find the right company to work on insightful neuromarketing projects, be ready to become a fortunate hotel professional making a strong impact at your property!