Building your Hotel Success Story with Lean Six Sigma

Are you a hotelier looking to boost the efficiency of your hotel operations? Are you willing to deliver the highest quality service to your guests at a minimum cost to maximize your revenues? Then, consider learning the Six Sigma methodology that is mainly utilized for process improvements. Indeed, being a successful hotelier requires showing genuine care for your guest’s happiness to ensure the greatest financial performances. Numerous properties around the world have implemented Six Sigma to efficiently serve guests in the most cost-effective manner. If you want to bring a significant impact at your property, you should adopt this highly profitable business solution and train your management team accordingly. With Six Sigma, your guest’s satisfaction will be placed at the core of your strategies. In order to accommodate your guest’s requests at the best, it is crucial to anticipate their needs in a timely manner which is successfully allowed by this tool. Besides, Six Sigma provides you with top practices to precisely monitor your inventory in a way to ensure service consistency. As customer’s data such as reviews are widely available in the world of digital, it is important to avoid mistakes using this state-of-the-art process. According to the platform offering the training and certification, Six Sigma Online, “hospitality professionals are able to statistically decrease mistakes to less than 3.4 per million opportunities”. This demonstrate how implementing this methodology can bring positive changes at your hotel.

How is Six Sigma Best Defined in the Hotel Industry and Why Is It Important?

Six Sigma can be explained by different concepts and techniques used to identify defects and variances in your hotel processes. Whether it is for your room, food and beverage, spa or any other department’s operations, it is a powerful methodology to boost your property’s productivity. As a result, you will ensure the highest guest’s satisfaction. With the high competition present in the hotel industry, profit margins are tightened. However, Six Sigma provides the remedy to achieve greater results. If you are looking to be an accomplished hotel professional, you must explore the Six Sigma platform offering courses and certifications of different levels. Getting Six Sigma certified is recognized as a brilliant achievement in today’s professional world requiring to be highly knowledgeable of the latest business techniques.

Motives Behind Mastering Six Sigma:

There are several reasons why you should consider understanding the Six Sigma techniques to boost your performance:

  • Ensuring Quality Service: Delivering excellent service to your guests is the key to your hotel success. Enhancing the quality of your service can be easily done through applying Six Sigma. Indeed, you will be able to eliminate errors. It also provides with tools to identify what is needed from your guests with exactitude. You will be then successful at maintaining standards of quality while providing what is necessary when it is necessary! You will then achieve a high level of satisfaction among your guests.


  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value: Six Sigma will also allow you to make your guests always look forward to their next visit. As the quality of your service will be considerably improved, people will be happy and will build strong ties with your hotel brand. Being aware that they can receive outstanding and seamless service for the best value for money, you will likely become their top choices for future stays. Therefore, you will be able to achieve the highest guest’s loyalty and customer lifetime value which are critical factors for your property’s success.


  • Minimizing your Costs: One of your greatest priorities is to save costs to maximize your property’s revenues. Six Sigma can definitely be your solution to achieve the smartest performances. Indeed, this method will allow you to prevent mistakes and eliminate wastes in your operational processes. You will be able to identify all the defects and unnecessary activities for the provision of unique experiences to your guests. You will then abolish all these procedures incurring significant costs to your hotel that do not really contribute in exceeding your guest’s expectations.


  • Enhancing your Team Performance: If you are willing to improve your team building strategies, Six Sigma can provide you the right guidance. Indeed, you will better organize the tasks of your employees across your different departments. Your team members will have a better understanding of their work commitments and will work better together. As a result, it will enable you to ensure the efficiency of your operations through enhanced employee’s productivity. This process will allow you to significantly improve your organizational culture. This will bring a positive impact to your hotel.

In an industry that is very intense, implementing Six Sigma will allow you to significantly distinguish in the market and outperform your competitive set. Indeed, you will be impressed how Six Sigma will allow you to outstandingly enhance your processes. Thus, this technique will translate to guest’s loyalty and highest customer lifetime value you have ever recorded. Prepare yourself to be a valuable asset to your team and build the strongest brand image and reputation for your property!

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