Use Data Visualization As Time is Money !

Have you ever had a hard time making a business decision ? Have you ever been exposed to a wide quantity of internal information with your team and you felt you did not know how to use and interpret those data ? If it is the case, it is probably because you have not really considered using visuals to make your data look easier to read. If you have not used visuals in the past, consider having data visualization as it will help you have a clear overview of the situation of your organization. You will see how it will make your life simple as it can help you picture your company’s performance. Start having visuals with your team as it will help you have a better understanding of your internal data. As a result, you will be able to implement efficient marketing strategies and increase your company’s profitability.

Data Visualization Defined

Data visualization can be explained by data and information being represented by visuals such as graphs, charts, maps, etc. Using visuals to illustrate those data facilitate its understanding and make people have a better insight of those information.

Advantages of Data Visualization in Marketing

According to an investigation made by the Visual Teaching Alliance, 90% of the data processed by the brain is visual. Indeed, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 faster visuals than texts. These statistics show that people are more likely to pay attention to information in visuals and the reasons are that data visualization are making data more accessible and engaging. Indeed, visuals can help you identify business goals. Those graphics make it easier to understand series of data showing trends, correlations, patterns or outliers. Also, those visuals can also help you do a better analysis and interpretation of those data. Thanks to an efficient data visualization, you will be able to make faster and smarter decisions for your business that will contribute in improving the operation’s productivity and sales. In fact, a clear data visualization will allow you to save time as it makes the information quicker to understand. You will also be able to have a better view of the company’s trends and patterns. Using visuals can help to make better analysis as far as concern sales, customers, market research, costs, flaws, etc. It also boost you and your team creativity as you are working on design of your graphics by using the right graphs, colors, fonts, etc. It can also help you develop better reports for your leaders as the information are communicated more clearly. In sum, thanks to a good data visualization, you will be able to better identify the right strategies for your company and contribute to the company’s growth.

Tips to Create Efficient Data Visualization

Here are some steps to follow in order to have an efficient data visualization according to the company Supermetrics :

• Before creating your data visualization, try to identify the objectives of these visuals, your audience, and which data are relevant and important for your audience. Indeed, your visuals should not be overcrowded and instead have a clear objective in order to not confuse the reader.

• Then, it is crucial to select the right format for your data visualization according to the information being transmitted. Indeed, there are several types of visuals that you can use. You have to make sure to choose the appropriate graphic that will allow you to communicate your information the best way possible. Be careful of not choosing the wrong type of visual as people might be confused and misinterpret its information.

You should also contextualize your graphics in order to make it appear meaningful. Contextualizing your visuals will help the readers understand them better. Some examples on how you can contextualize your graphics include having a clear legend with a wise use of colors, labeling the axes, having a clear title, adding the percentages and numbers to add clarity to your message, etc.

• It is also important to select the right fonts and colors for your graphics as it can highlight the important information and make it easier to read. Indeed, having well chosen font and colors can help you make a focus on certain points, organize the information, have a better overview of the evolution, and distinguish the different data. For example, you can use contrasting colors when making comparisons. You can also use bold font when you want to highlight a specific information and make the data simple to assimilate.

• Avoid using unnecessary decoration in the intention of making it look better but making it more confusing. When working on the design of your visuals, you should think if the element you want to add to make your visual looks pretty add value to your graphics. For example, using too many fonts and colors can make the visual look good. However, it might distract the reader who is likely be more attracted by the design rather than the content and who then can misinterpret the data. You can use decoration but not too much so you can keep your data visualization simple and easy to read.

• Finally, it is crucial to clearly present your data to avoid its distortion. In order to make sure people will clearly understand the point of your graphics, use the right size, type, shape, and colors for your visuals. In this way, you are unlikely falsely presenting the information on your graphic. You could for instance make sure to have labels and respect the color conventions (e.g : use dark colors when representing a high customer’s engagement and light color when representing a low customer’s engagement).

Now that you have a clear understanding of data visualization, do not ignore its importance for your company’s productivity and start making the most of it when making your business decision. You will be surprised how data visualization will really improve your content marketing, internal communication and facilitate the decision-making process. You might not think about it, but remember how faster you could take action for your organization when having a clear understanding of your data. Well, do not waste anymore time struggling interpreting your data and use visuals to make it easier and faster to take the right decision. Do not forget that time is money !