Reasons Why an ERP can Help you Improve your Hotel Operations

Are you a hotelier looking to enhance your resort’s operational efficiency, then consider investing in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Indeed, this tool will allow you to offer unique experience to your guests by making your departments well-synchronized on an everyday basis. This centralized management system will allow you to make your property stand out. Through its use, you will be able to offer excellent customer service by ensuring the best in-house operations.

What Does ERP stand for?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a management system meeting nowadays the needs of businesses of all sizes centralizing your company’s information in one common database. Having an ERP avoids to avoid duplicated data and instead gather all your business information in one single system. As a hotel leader, accessing this system will enable you to have a cross-department visibility and enhance your decisions. In fact, you will be able to identify trends and process-improvements through the analysis of the massive amount of data available in this system.

Ways an ERP can Revamp your Operations

Exceeding your Guest’s Expectations

Having access to your company’s ERPS can help you gain the best knowledge about your guests as it can help you track information about their preferences and tastes. As you are gaining insights about your guest’s typical stays, you can offer personalized service and delightful moments to your customers. As you will be able to identify your customer’s likings, you can design highly targeted deals specially designed for the guests and be better responsive to their requests. As a result, it will increase your conversions as people will be enticed to stay at your property. You will then remarkably increase your guest’s loyalty and customer’s lifetime value.

Streamlining your Housekeeping Department

An ERP system can help you have access to the most up-to-date information regarding your room status. Indeed, through the ERP, the housekeeping team can instantaneously know which rooms are ready and which ones need to be cleaned. This tool can also allow to input information about maintenance and repair needed and create schedules that your employees can access for routine tasks. This can significantly improve communication in this specific department. Besides, laundry services can also be directly linked to room invoices thanks to an ERP according to the organization Infor specialized in ERP solutions.  (Links to an external site.)

Managing your Hotel Inventory

Through the ERP, you can keep track of the buying and selling of your organizations through third-party vendors and suppliers. You will be able to monitor the purchase requisitions across the different departments. As you assess the consumption trends, you can also identify unusual patterns. It can also help you determine where you can cut your business costs in order to maximize your profits.

Optimizing your Room Bookings

An ERP can allow you to have access to your room bookings data from different channels. Whether the bookings are made through your hotel reservation system or from third-party companies such as, you can have access to it all in the ERP. While being able to keep track of the reservations at your property, you will also be able to identify occupancy trends and predict future demand by having access to various metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) available in this database. Having another software will not be necessary as all the bookings data exist in the ERP. As a consequence, you will be better able to streamline and optimize your reservations at your hotel.

Whatever the size of your hotel, ERP is indispensable for your property’s management. Having an eagle’s eye view of your hotel operations will allow you to greatly improve your business decision-making and thus distinguish in this highly evolving competitive market. Once you implement this system in your organization, you will be amazed how well it will unify your people, technology and processes which will result in better productivity and profitability. The single vision of your business reality in the ERP will likely reveal many opportunities of growth for your property.

Big Data for Meaningful Marketing Insights

Are you currently wondering how you could increase your company’s revenues ? Then, you must consider investing on databases to collect ‘‘Big Data’’ that will allow you to gain meaningful insights for your marketing plan. You could also think about partnering with third-party marketing companies owning important data warehouses with valuable information for your organization.

What does ‘‘Big Data’’ stands for ?

‘‘Big data’’ consists of a significant volume of data that you can analyze and interpret in order to identify trends and patterns about customers, suppliers and market. Those ‘‘Big Data’’ are sorted out in a variety of data sets and stored in different databases that could capture hundreds to millions of transactional information.

‘‘Big Data’’ Main Sources

 You can retrieve ‘‘Big Data’’ from internal and external sources.

  • Internal sources include all the data that you can find within the organization such as for example the sales, accounting, financial, marketing, survey reports, etc.
  • External sources include the data that are not internally available to your company such as information about potential customers sold by a third-party company, social media data, household data, etc.

Why are ‘‘Big Data’’ Important ?

Having access to ‘‘Big Data’’ is very beneficial if you are working on your product or service development. It can also help you create more targeted messages appealing to your audience and thus design more effective marketing campaigns. Moreover, you will be able to enhance your customer experience and offer more personalized services. ‘‘Big Data’’ is revolutionizing Marketing according to the Marketing consultant Louis Columbus who mentions ten ways it is transforming the industry.

Big Data + Analytics = Key to Success

Big Data is not enough if you do not combine it with analytics. Proceeding in the analytics will allow you to obtain meaning from data thanks to the analysis of statistics. Analytics is essential to take better marketing decisions.

Here is below the Delta Model that should be followed to get the most of ‘‘Big Data’’ and Analytics and gain a competitive advantage according to the International Institute for Analytics :

As you will be implementing strategies that will be based on your customer insights, you will be surprised how you will improve your company’s efficiency. Start taking advantage of the ‘‘Big Data’’ to attract more customers, increase their loyalty and generate significant revenues for your organization.