Land your Guests to a Direct Booking’s Friendly Landing Page

Are you a hotelier willing to boost your direct bookings to maximize your revenues? You might be active with ads getting travelers to your site. Your goal is likely to have as many potential guests as possible exposed to your exclusive offers enticing to reserve your hotel room. You are probably looking to attract new visitors to your site and have them directly book in your website rather than on OTAs. In this case, your website must have a high-quality landing page that get your visitors into booking a stay with your unique packages. An effective landing page is one that is tailored to your guest’s personas and have a targeted focus.

How to Define a Landing Page in the Hotel Industry?

A landing page can be defined by a specific web page designed in response to a hyperlink existing in your promotional campaigns. It is a page your audience is directed to after they clicked on your ads. It is an initial point of contact you are having with your hotel guests browsing your site. Thus, it is crucial to make sure to build a positive impression through compelling content once they land on your web page. In order to have an appealing landing page, you should make sure to have a more elaborated version of your ads. Indeed, the landing page must have similar information so your guests recognize the offers that initially motivated them to visit your site. The purpose of a landing page is to at least capture your visitor’s information with an ultimate goal of getting people to click through your offers and book a stay. Your landing page must be built in a way to offer a seamless and enjoyable customer journey. This is the opportunity to develop the strongest ties with your guests who will likely take action once they realize that your hotel fit with their needs.

This illustrates the path your guests takes to enter your landing page and the way it leads them proceeding with direct bookings:

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Best Practices for a Highly Converting Landing Page:

Here are tips you should follow to build a compelling page:

Developing Highly Visual Designs:

First, it is essential to maximize your efforts in the design of your page. The design should be uncluttered and clean so your guests can have a unique experience while easily navigating your site. Indeed, the landing page should be full of visual content showcasing your hotel amenities.

According to the Marketing Organization Venngage, the willingness to read content is increased by 80% when people are exposed to colorful visuals. The Social Media Organization SocialMedia Today also mentions that the conversion rate is 7 times higher when custom visual content are created. The very first visual that must appear on your website should be a hero shot that should be carefully chosen. Indeed, a hero shot is the primary content people are looking to and contributing in developing a positive first impression towards your brand. For example, your hero shot could be a great photography of your full space and unique hotel facilities. It should be attractive enough to encourage people clicking through your room offers. Using visuals on your landing page is your chance to reinforce your emotional connections with your guests. You can trigger the feelings of being happy and motivated as people can better picture how a stay at your hotel looks like. For instance, you can use pictures of happy guests enjoying your different property’s venues so people can identify and imagine themselves being as delighted by your service. Using such appealing visuals can be very powerful in boosting your conversions.

Building a Strong Headline:

Then, it is crucial to develop a memorable headline that strongly captivates your visitor’s attention. The headline should be concise and promises a special property’s benefit. A strong headline should directly speak to your guest’s personas and use a language that they are likely to appreciate. It should be straightforward, concise and easy to read and include the most persuasive content about your unique property’s offers. According to a study mentioned by the Consultant Neil Patel, people quickly scan headlines, so the less there will be to read the more chances you will captivate your potential guest’s attention. The same research suggests that 6 words is a perfect headline length. You should also use compelling adjectives such as “unique”, “fun”, “essential”, “effortless”, etc that will make your guests imagine the incredible vacations they can enjoy at your property. In sum, your headline has to boost your reader’s curiosity to explore your different packages and consider booking a room at your hotel.

Adding a Converting Call-to-Action Button:

It is also important to design an attractive call-to action button that will entice people to take action and move forward with a booking. Make sure to have a call-to-action button that contrasts against the rest of the site. If your landing page showcases images of the gorgeous beach with unique shades of blue to promote the oceanfront location of your hotel, do not use blue for your call-to-action button. In that case, you could for example use a red call-to-action button that will be highly visible and motivate people to proceed with a reservation. It is also crucial to ensure that the same color is used in all the clickable icons and hyperlinks existing on the page. Then, you should make sure to write a text that will make your potential guests imagine their dream vacations at your hotel. Creative CTA copies could be for example: “Book a Dream Suite”, “Make your Holidays Dreams Come True”, “Stay at the Top Traveler’s Choice Hotel”, etc.

Including Benefits-Driven Statements:

It is crucial to have textual content showing how the features and amenities of your hotel can benefit your target audience. Indeed, you should really state how you are able to make their stay experience particularly enjoyable. For instance, if your property provides a childcare service, you should tell how this could enhance the quality times couples can have. If the location of your hotel is central, you could also emphasize on the travel expenses your guests could save as all the tourist attractions are at proximity. If your hotel has a concierge app, make sure to show your guests how all their requests can be promptly accommodated through a simple button touch. At this stage, you should be highly familiar with your usual guest’s needs and how they could be met so you are able to develop strong benefits-driven statements.

Using Powerful Social Proofs:

As the Wall Street Journal mentions, “Humans Naturally Follow the Crowd Behavior”. This applies to when people are looking for accommodations for future stays. Reviews and testimonials are powerful forms of social proofs that you can use your promote your property’s amenities. Thus, you should consider offering incentives to your delighted guests so they can share positive feedback that could be published on your landing page. For instance, you could have a section on your website in which your guests are able to post their reviews in exchange of special direct bookings discounts. You can then post those testimonials on your landing page so your visitors will be inclined to enjoy similar delightful moments for their coming vacations. People will most likely be convinced by guests who previously stayed, relaxed and ate at your hotel.

In sum, increasing your direct booking should be one of your top priorities. By building a well-optimized landing page tailored to your guest’s needs, you will be successful at converting your leads into hotel guests. A highly effective landing page will make your property highly distinguishes in this intense market. You will be able to clearly show the value of your hotel and people will not hesitate to book your hotel rooms. Be ready to build a strong brand and affinity with your guests once following these best practices to develop a compelling landing page!

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