Make your Ad Stand Out with Kinetic Typography

Are you a marketing expert planning on creating an engaging promotional video for your company ? Then, consider using Kinetic Typography to make the message of your advertising more powerful.

These terms might look very sophisticated for you, and you might be wondering what does Kinetic Typography stand for. Those fancy words are simply the moving texts that appear on the ads to support the message of your ad and communicate the essential information about your company. When creating your ad, you have to make sure your moving texts are in high quality definition to be attractive to the viewers.

Below are three reasons why you should absolutely use Kinetic Typography in your advertising. Take a look at three main benefits of moving texts for your ad:

1. Highly Attractive :

If you want to impress your supervisor, you should definitely include moving texts in your ad.Your managers will appreciate it if the moving texts add value to your advertising by showing the essential points of your brand. Having moving texts complements all the elements like sound and colors that make an ad attractive. In addition, the viewers are likely to better understand the company’s purpose with well-designed texts. Using stylish moving texts is an efficient way to promote your brand as it highly catches the viewer’s attention. Those moving texts can make the video more interactive, so people are less likely to get distracted when watching the ad. The text movements can make your ad more dynamic and make the animation more fun to watch which make the video more appealing. As it makes the ad more attractive, it reinforces people’s understanding of the advertising’s core concepts. Thus more customer’s engagement can result from having Kinetic Typography in your ad.

2. Highly Informative :

Promotional videos that contain moving texts are usually shorter. Indeed, by using kinetic typography, you are more likely transmitting the message faster and in a more effective way. Indeed, including the essential facts of your brand through moving texts allows you to create shorter videos. Many studies have shown that the customer engagement is more important when ads do not last too long. Thus, creating a video containing Kinetic Typography is highly effective as it makes the video quicker to watch. In this way, people are less likely to abandon watching the video, and this will contribute in attracting more customers. As the ad include useful information with moving texts, people are less likely to get bored. Below is a figure that shows how the customer engagement drops as the video gets longer :

Source :

3. Highly Focusing on Essential Points :

Having moving texts included in your video can help you highlight the main ideas of your ad. Indeed, there are parts of your ad that are more important than others, and having Kinetic Typography on the essential visuals of your ad can help you focus on the most important points of your video. This can highly contribute in supporting the message that you want to deliver. As previous studies found that many viewers watch videos without turning the sound, having moving texts can be highly favorable to transmit the essential points of your message. According to a research done by Instagram and Facebook, 85% of the viewers mute the sound to watch advertising videos. Nevertheless, viewers are likely to read your texts even in a mute mode which can make your ad productive anyway.

In sum, it is worths it taking your time learning about how to add Kinetic Typography in your ad. There are many softwares that can be used to create moving texts for your video, and there are kinetic typography makers that can even be used for free. Indeed, moving texts can be so powerful in an ad as many viewers are likely to engage with your brand and take action when watching your video containing Kinetic Typography. Adding moving texts to your ad is not costly and is highly grabbing the viewer’s attention. Thus, do not hesitate to have Kinetic Typography in your ad as it will make it more captivating and will help you drive more revenues for your company as a result !