What you Need to Know about Influencer Marketing Strategy for your Hotel

As the Vice President of Global Creative & Content Marketing Marriott said according to his quote mentioned by the Hotel Marketing Association (Links to an external site.), “Influencer marketing is here to stay, and should play a central role in your strategy to win the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers”.

In a world in which social media are becoming predominant to the world especially to millennials who represents half of the worldwide travelers according to the Hotel Consulting organization Room Key PMS (Links to an external site.), it is crucial for hotels to be appealing to this tech-savy generation.

According to an investigation made by McKinsey and Company (Links to an external site.), a quarter of today’s consumers are using social media when they have to make a purchase decision. 71% of respondents from an investigation conducted by GlobalWebIndex (Links to an external site.)said they would be more likely to buy a service or product based on referral in social media.

The same research found that around one in five of millennials and Generation Z concluded a purchase thanks to the recommendation of a particular social media influencer as shown below:

Social Media Influencer Defined

A social media influencer is a person who gained in popularity through social media and has a high level of authority when it comes to inspiring people’s purchase decision. They are individuals who have the ability to develop social relationships with people that may be part of your target market. They cooperate with brands to promote their products or services to the public through the social media platforms.

Why Partnering with Travel Social Media Influencers?

Collaborating with travel influencers could be very beneficial to attract potential hotel guests. Indeed, they can showcase a real-life experience at your venues through their pages. Indeed, their social media platforms are focused on promoting places to stay which can include your property. Those social media influencers can help you engage and develop strong relationships with potential future residents at your resort.

Tips for an efficient Social Media Influencers Marketing Campaign

  • It is important to look for the right influencers preferably targeting the same audience than yours to ensure a significant ROI from this strategy. According to the influencer marketing agency MediaKix (Links to an external site.), the Executive Director Of e-Commerce & Digital Marketing, Mansi Vagt once said “It is not just about huge fans and followers in my opinion, but rather the right message being delivered in the most authentic way possible to targeted and relevant audiences bit by bit.” Thus, it is crucial for your hotel organization to be able to define your target market and select your influencer based on the demographic and psychographic attributes of their followers that must align with your audience.
  • According to a guide published by the organization Hubspot about micro-influencers marketing, it is highly recommended to cooperate with micro-influencers (Links to an external site.) rather than macro-influencers who have a larger following. Indeed, micro-influencers have a higher engagement and strongest connections with their followers. As a result, they have more authority as far as concern the influence they have on hotel booking decisions among potential guests.
  • It is also vital to regularly communicate with the social media with whom you are collaborating. Indeed, they usually engage a lot with their followers and know about their preferences. This can help you learn more about your potential guest’s expectations and motivations when selecting a property. Besides, you should consider sending your latest offers to the social media influencers. In order to entice their followers to book reservations at your property, you can also send promotional codes to the social media influencers.

Once implementing influencer marketing as a strategy, you will be surprised how your company will significantly increase reach attracting guests with similar tastes than the typical guests you have at your hotel. If you are looking to improve your brand awareness, increase your direct booking and strengthening your customer loyalty, then consider influencer marketing for your hotel. Do not leave money on the table and start looking for powerful social media influencers who can help you promote your hotel and increase your conversions.

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