Offering Both Outstanding Customer Service and Customer Experience to Make your Property Highly Stand Out

Are you a hotelier willing to exceed your guest’s expectations? You might be a passionate hotel professional eager to create memorable guest’s stories and offering the most delightful moments. Then, you should ensure to deliver both excellent customer service and customer’s experiences. Indeed, customer service is an important piece of the puzzle when building a customer’s experience. Customer service is one main element of the whole customer journey while customer experience includes all the different interactions that your guests have with your brand. Both concepts are usually mutually applied by properties that want to highly distinguish in the market. Those practices can be considered as the beating heart of any hotel. If you sum up both practices, you will be able to reach new heights when serving your potential and existing guests. You will be able to make a real difference in people’s lives which might certainly be your everyday’s goal.

How to Best Define Customer Service in the Hotel Industry?

Customer service is defined by the actions you take to meet your guest’s needs and accommodate their requests in a timely, professional and helpful manner. It is the process of delivering a high-quality assistance to your guests before, during and after their hotel stay. The objective is to respond to your guest’s desires to attain the highest customer satisfaction. It embraces the “human” touch in the customer journey. Outstanding customer service involves demonstrating value and genuine care to your guests. It also requires showing your hotel amenities and offer’s knowledge and possessing a set of skills such as patience, perseverance and tenacity. It is the voice your guests will acknowledge as a representation of your hotel. Thus, maintaining customer service standards is essential to enhance the perception your potential and existing guests have towards your hotel. It is all about making your guests feel special as individuals through very unique interactions.  This could be done by establishing a customer centric culture among the team across the different departments. In order to be successful, your guiding principle should be directed towards meeting your guest’s needs rather than being only sales-driven.

How to Best Define Customer Experience in the Hotel Industry?

Customer experience is broader and constitutes of all the different interactions your guests have with your property’s representatives. It is all about the feelings your guests develop towards your brand as they connect with your business at all phases of the customer journey. If you are willing to offer a unique customer experience to your guests, you must learn how to anticipate their needs for the most customizable moments. Indeed, personalization is at the core of delivering a unique customer experience. The more you will engage with your guests and surprise them according to their preferences, the more you will distinguish to their eyes. The customer experience is present in the different touchpoints your guests are exposed to from the marketing campaigns, booking process, room’s check-in and check-out experiences, hotel amenities usage, post-stay interactions, to the service at its entirety.

Here is a graphic posted on the website of the Hospitality School Les Roches illustrating the concept of positive and negative customer experiences of a hotel guest:

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The blog of the Hospitality School “L’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne” also share an example of a unique customer experience which is shown below:

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As you can see from both examples, a memorable customer experience is all about being familiar with your guest’s needs so you can amaze them with the most thoughtful and personal attention. In this way, you are able to exceed your guest’s expectations and leave them with long-lasting memories from their experience.

Implementing Forbes Training to Offer Seamless Customer Service leading the most Unique Customer Experience:

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If you want your brand to distinguish in this intense market, it is essential to offer quality training to your front and back-of-the house hotel staff to offer service consistency. If you want your property to be recognized for your service excellence, you should consider applying for Forbes Travel Guide rating and ultimately become a Forbes Five Stars property. Indeed, Forbes Five star training is one of the most effective customer service guide in the hotel industry. Forbes mention several standards to maintain to qualify which are the following:

  • Welcoming guests warmly
  • Calling guests by their names
  • Being gracious
  • Being polite
  • Recognizing each guest as unique
  • Thanking the guests
  • Treasuring the loyal guests
  • Listening and showing empathy to the guests
  • Recording guest’s preferences and requests
  • Anticipating guest’s needs
  • Serving guests immediately
  • Guiding guests in the right directions
  • Always offering alternatives instead of saying no
  • Speaking in full sentences

Forbes also suggests all the manners to keep during the exchanges with the guests to make them feel valued as followed:

  • Speaking in full and clear sentences (e.g: “May I be of further assistance regarding your dinning reservation?”. Avoid using fillers such as “uh”, “um” by being knowledgeable about the hotel departments and offerings).
  • Using formal verbiage (e.g: “Absolutely”, “Definitely”, “Certainly”. Never using slang and inappropriate wordings such as “you guys”, “no problem”).
  • Showing sincerity and being natural and spontaneous.
  • Never interrupting the guests.
  • Listening carefully to guest’s requests.
  • Leaving the guests with outstanding farewell by using the most customized and gracious closing remarks. (e.g: “Thank you so much for choosing to stay with us. We cannot wait to welcoming and delighting you again in the near future”.
  • Always offering further and anticipative assistance (e.g: “Is there anything else I can assist you with such as coordinating with the concierge service so they organize your visit of the city”?).

Applying all these customer service standards will then allow you to offer the most memorable and personalized customer experience that will leave your guests with lifelong impressions of your hotel.

In sum, customer service and customer experience complement each other and are essential to your hotel success. Indeed, your property will only stand out if you are able to offer both excellent customer service and customer experience. Applying excellent customer service standards and demonstrating the most genuine attention to your guests will boost your customer loyalty. People will be looking forward to their next visit and you will sustain the most profitable customer lifetime value. Do not leave money on the table and start using your creativity to offer the most unique customer service and customer experience that will be exclusive to your property. As you will be recognized for delighting your guests to another level, people will be thrilled to book a stay at your hotel and your revenues will be the highest ever recorded!

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