Building Brand Familiarity to Boost your Hotel Occupancy

Are you a hotel professional willing to have your target audience looking at your brand more favorably? Then, you have to think about developing marketing strategies aiming at having your potential customers repeatedly exposed to your brand so they develop a special affinity with your property. As people are more attracted by the known than the unknown, they will likely choose to book a stay at your hotel as they will unconsciously think it is the safest option. Building your brand’s familiarity will allow your hotel to direct the attention of your prospect guests towards your property rather than the one of the competitors. Be ready to gain a competitive advantage through developing a strong brand familiarity for your organization.

What is Familiarity Principle and How is it Defined in the Marketing Context?

The familiarity principle can be explained by the tendency of people to develop preference for anything they have repeated exposure to. In other words, humans are inclined to perceive in a better way what they recognize. In the marketing framework, people are likely attracted to a brand that they already know as it reduces risks and uncertainty in their minds. As a result, leveraging your hotel brand familiarity will highly contribute in the success of your marketing efforts.

How to Proceed to Develop your Hotel’s Brand Familiarity?

Brand familiarity can be furthered through having cohesive messaging across the various communication channels you use. As you will consistently repeat your value proposition in numerous promotional campaigns, your target audience will become more and more familiar with who you are as a hotel. The key is to create a simple, clear and powerful storytelling that is likely to be remembered by your potential guests. As you manage to favor repeated exposures of your brand among your customers, they will be inclined to your offer and will be tempted to book a stay at your property.

Retargeting – An Example of Technique Used to Grow Brand Familiarity

According to the marketing organization Mailchimp (Links to an external site.), retargeting is a famous digital marketing method aiming at reminding website users of certain products or services they demonstrated interest in when visiting a particular site. Those advertising campaigns usually appear in other websites with relevant text or visual ads that could be created through different platforms such as Google ads, Facebook ads or Linkedin ads. Below is an example of a hotel retargeting campaign:

Image taken from: (Links to an external site.)

Retargeting has proved to be an efficient marketing technique to strengthen ties with customers and make brands resonate in people’s mind. Advertising your property through retargeting is a powerful way for your audience to build a positive association with your hotel brand. As a result, this method can allow your potential guests to have unique feelings of trust and recognition towards your hotel. Thus, this increases the chances of booking conversions as people will likely appreciate your brand more than ever and support your business.

To sum up, people will always have a preference on what is familiar to them. That is the reason why it is essential for you as a hotelier to start thinking about building brand familiarity. Indeed, people would rather stay at a hotel with which they already had some types of interactions with. People are likely relying on previous experience with a particular hotel brand before proceeding with a booking purchase decision. As you will allow steady exposures of your messaging to your target market, it will be on people’s top of mind when they are thinking about booking a hotel stay. It is time to think about the best strategies you could implement like retargeting to achieve the highest level of brand familiarity and boost your hotel room’s occupancy. Remember that it pays to be familiar!