Every Marketer’s Goal : Making Their Brand Top-of-Mind

What brands come to your mind easily when thinking about purchasing any products or services ? What do you think are very powerful brands as every time you want to buy something, you would directly think of these specific brands ? You surely have a list of brand that is in top of your mind when willing to make purchases ?

Simple it is. If those brands are on your top lists when thinking of buying something, that means that the company was successful at creating a top-of-mind awareness on their products or services.

Brand Awareness Defined :

First, it is important to understand what brand awareness stands for. Brand awareness is defined by the extent to which people are able to recognize or recall a specific brand. Those brands succeeding at creating brand awareness have a high market share and achieve high profitability.

Top-of-Mind Awareness Companies :

There are many examples of brands that have a unique brand image which made them achieve top-of-mind awareness. For examples, whenever you think of tissue paper, most people will immediately think about Kleenex. Whenever thinking of eating a burger, people are likely thinking about Mcdonald’s or In-N-Out in the West Coast. Apple is also a brand that achieved top-of-mind awareness. Indeed, Apple would be on top of most people’s head when picturing a computer or phone. There are many other companies that have been successful at achieving top-of-mind awareness like the ones mentioned here. Those companies were successful at achieving top-of-mind brand awareness as people would immediately associate words or pictures with their brand names.

Brand Awareness advantages :

Consider building brand awareness as there are many benefits (Links to an external site.) for your company. Thanks to achieving brand awareness, you are able to capture new opportunities and new markets. You can also have a competitive advantage, build trust with your customers, add value to your products or services and make people develop emotions and feelings about your brand.

Research on Brand Awareness :

There are many ways to measure brand awareness :

  • Surveys : Thanks to your surveys, you can measure with quantitative data the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and the knowledge of your customers regarding your brand. You are also able to see how people are associating your brand and the level of their awareness.
  • Focus group : You can also organize focus groups to investigate about brand recall which is the extent to which people are able to recall your brand without thinking. Marketing researchers usually displays several ads and assess how the people from the focus group recognize yours. It can also be done by asking the group to mention brands that come to their mind when thinking about a specific product or service and see if people recall your brand.
  • Interviews : Thanks to interviews, you are able to collect qualitative data about people’s perception of your brand. You can know more about their feelings, attitudes, and preferences as you will ask open-ended questions. It helps get a deeper insight about your consumer’s behaviors.
  • Digital Research : Nowadays, you can find many useful data about consumer’s trends online. Google Trends (Links to an external site.) can be used to find many interesting data for your brand that can complement data collected from your surveys or interviews. Through many online platforms like Google Trends, you can find KPIs (Links to an external site.) that can be useful for your company such as search volume, mentions, traffic, social following of your brand and more.

Measuring Brand Awareness :

 After collecting data thanks to the research methods mentioned below, you have to make sure to analyze and interpret the respondent’s information. Doing a thorough analysis of your data will help you make the right decision for your company and improve your marketing strategies. In this way, you can attract more customers and generate more revenues for your organization.

If you find out by doing your research that your company has a low brand awareness, do not loose hope and instead take advantage of the data you collected to review your marketing efforts. Doing research is essential as the data collected from people can really help you identify what is wrong and what could be enhanced in order to achieve brand awareness with the goal of being top-of-mind among their customers. If you have not conducted research about your brand, you should really consider doing so now as it can really help you increase your brand awareness and generate business !