Powering your Hotel Data Analytics with Tableau

Are you a hotel professional looking for a powerful tool to analyze your big data? Are you willing to make better informed-decision based on gaining critical insights about your business trends? Then, consider mastering Tableau which is one of the most popular data analytics software nowadays used by many hotel leaders around the world. Indeed, Tableau can allow you to have a better understanding of your hotel operational data. As a result, you will be able to improve your guest’s experience and maximize your revenues.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a platform offering a robust and intuitive data-driven solution to organization. This software can enable you to unify all your data into one single location. It is a modern business intelligence tool making it easier for you as a hotel leader to explore and interpret your property’s data.

Why is Tableau an Important Data Analytics Tool for the Hotel Industry?

According to the Vice President of Revenue Management of Accor Hotels, Agnes Roquefort, (Links to an external site.) “It is not big data we are after but fast data and that’s is exactly where hotels need to be looking. We have technology that does incredible things for us. Let’s use it to get access to the right data right when we need it”. This experienced leader of one of the most famous hotel chains in the world suggest how important is the use of tools like Tableau enabling fast analysis and interpretation of business data. Thanks to Tableau, you will avoid overspending time on managing the huge amount of data you may have within your organization and thus enhance your productivity.

Besides, Tableau is particularly known for the creation of sophisticated data visuals with attractive aesthetics making it simple to understand the relationships between particular data. Once getting used to this software, you will see how you will be more responsive to your data analysis. According to the email marketing organization, Email Audience, (Links to an external site.) the brain of a human processes visuals 60,000 times faster than numbers or texts. The organization Tableau (Links to an external site.) also points out this idea by suggesting that it is easier for people to understand information through visuals than reading data through columns and rows.

How can Tableau helps you for your Hotel Marketing Analytics?

You can use Tableau to analyze different types of data as suggested by the following examples. As a hotel professional looking to improve your marketing strategies, you can consider exporting data to this platform regarding your website performance and customer’s journey. You can also visualize your social media presence and spending. Other examples of data you can picture through tableau could be the channels that generate the most bookings to your hotels. As the KPIs (Average Daily Rate, Occupancy, Revenue per Available Rooms) are important to understand the performance of your property, you can also create reports showing those metrics and compare them with the ones of the competitors. Another example of data you can analyze through this platform could be the budget allocation of your operational departments (front desk, housekeeping and food and beverage departments). This can help you identify where you could cut costs to maximize your hotel profit. Furthermore, you can gain valuable customer insights as far as concern preference trends during their stays which can allow you to rethink strategies to offer more unique experience to new and returning guests. Moreover, you can also create data visuals of historical data as shown below to understand past trends and predict future demands:

Image taken from: https://public.tableau.com/en-us/search/all/%23hotel  (Links to an external site.)

Once getting accustomed to Tableau, you will be surprised how fast you will discover insights that will enable you to make a real difference in your hotel operations. Marketing Analytics through Tableau will with no doubt make your property more successful. In fact, making better use of your business data through this tool will allow you to identify the right strategies to attract more guests and increase your customer’s retention. As a consequence, you will be able to sustain a long-term high profitability for your hotel. Start getting insights on sight through the use of Tableau (Links to an external site.) to gain a competitive advantage.

Top Tips to Effectively Present your Data

Have you conducted a marketing research and you are now willing to present your findings to your supervisor and your team ? In order to make your presentation engaging, you have to make sure you effectively put together your data in your visual. Indeed, it is important to ensure that you select the most interesting data and share them in a way that your audience will easily understand their meanings.

What Does Data Presentation Stand For ?

Data Presentation can be defined by the process of translating data in different graphical formats to make it easier for your viewers to understand the content you are sharing. An effective data presentation can allow you to come up with better informed decision for your company.

Recommendations for an Effective Data Presentation

Below are three tips you should follow to make attractive data presentation :

  • Share Appropriate Charts

There are several charts that can help you better transmit your message. The charts that are the most commonly used because of being easy to understand are pie and bar charts.

Here is a list of different charts you can use based on the topics of your data according to the Marketing Content Professional Jami Oetting.

  • Simplicity is the Key !

It is important to keep your presentation as simple as possible. Make sure to not overwhelm your audience with too many elements on your visual. Try to not put too many texts or illustrations that will distract your viewers. Make your slides neat by using the space in a smart way and putting an emphasis on the important numbers. Key terms could be more effective than texts to describe your data. Here is an example of a simple chart with a clever formatting as at first glance, your attention is directed towards the percentages.

  • Use Meaningful Texts

Texts play an important role when you want to explain your data in a presentation. Indeed, texts are essential when you want to highlight specific statistics. However, you should select texts wisely so your audience can be captivated by what you are trying to convey. Make sure to use minimum texts that can support the main elements of your presentations.

By organizing well your data, you will be able to have a clear and well-founded storytelling. By following those tips, you will design presentation that will likely attract your audience attention. Presenting your data in the most effective way will allow you to better explain the impacts of your research results on your organization. In this way, you will more likely take better marketing decisions with your team based on your findings

STR—A Powerful Competitive Intelligence Tool in the Hotel Industry

Are you a working professional in the hotel industry wondering how and where you could collect valuable data for your business ? Are you in the process of pursuing research to help you make major marketing decisions ? If it is the case, consider spending time in looking for secondary data from relevant sources in which you can find useful information about the hospitality trends.

Market Research Data Types :

Below is a visual showing the types of data you could collect when doing a market research :

What Does Secondary Data Stands for ?

According to the company Audience Play specialized in data management, secondary data is the data that already was collected for purposes other than your research. Some of the secondary data sources may have relevance with regards to your research needs as they may include the types of information you are looking for.

Collecting secondary data in addition to primary data can help strenghten your research mostly when it comes from reliable sources. There are several sources that you can consider to obtain information about the industry trends as listed in the graphic above. Major hotel chains rely a lot on market research reports to take effective decisions for their organization. A popular report used by hotels globally is called Smith Travel Research so called STR reports.

What is Smith Travel Research ?

Smith Travel Research reports are popular sources of secondary data that are widely used by successful hotels nowadays. STR organization can provide you with benchmarking data for your organization that can help you make the most informed marketing decisions. Thanks to those reports, you can have access to important insights about the competition and the market.

Smith travel research organization collects data about your competitive set (a group of hotel competitors of your choice) that you can compare to your own property. Thanks to STR reports (hyperlink), you are able to see the performance of your hotel versus the competitive set. In this way, you can see how your property stands out in the market. In those reports, you are able to see the main hotel key performance indicators which are the occupancy, Average Daily Rate and the Revenue Per Available Room for your hotel and competitive set in different time periods and by different hotel segments. You can also have access to different trend reports which will allow you to have a better overview of the dynamics in the hotel market.

If you are looking for unrivaled insights from secondary data, you should definitely subscribe with this organization who will provide you with key data for you to make better business decision. Whenever you start looking at those reports, you will see how easier it will be for you to identify the weak areas of your business and implement marketing strategies to win your competition. Start using STR report to be able to guide your team in the right direction and generate more profits to your company.