A/B Testing – A Popular Marketing Research Application

Are you in the process of creating a marketing material such as a Google Ad or a new website and you want to know how attractive they are to your audience ? Well, one method you could consider is A/B testing that is one of the methods that could help you assess the efficiency of your promotional campaign.

What is A/B testing ?

 A/B testing can be defined by a technique used to compare the performance of two versions of a marketing content and make it different through changing one element. After showing the two versions to your audience, the goal is to see which one was more engaging to your potential customers. Then, based on the consumer behavior over your marketing content that could be analyzed through different tools such as Google or Youtube Analytics, you could adjust your marketing campaign. In this way, you could achieve a more successful conversion funnel.

Examples of Elements to Consider for A/B testing

There are several elements you could test when launching two versions of your promotional campaign. For example, you could test two different headlines that can potentially catch the viewer’s attention. As it is the first impression of your visitors, it is important to make it attractive. Here are some tips to create appealing headlines that you can test according to the Content Marketing Company CopyPress. You could also test two different Call to Action buttons which must be appealing enough to encourage people to take action on your offer. Any characteristic in the CTA button could influence the conversion rate such as the shape, color, size, text, etc. Thus, you could create two CTA buttons differentiating through one of these characteristics and test which one enticed more people to act. Here are some recommendations to help you create high-converting Call-to Action buttons according to the company Daily Egg specialized in website optimization tools.

You will be surprised how using this method will guide you to create the most powerful marketing campaigns that will drive significant business to your company. Do not continue leaving money on the table and start A/B testing your website, emails or any marketing asset. Make marketing become fun through applying this method !