Building Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Maximize your Hotel Occupancy

Are you a hotel professional willing to drive more revenues for your property? Focusing your efforts on content marketing can definitely be the solution. According to the marketing organization CISION, 84% people are looking for brands that can entertain them, offer experiences and solve specific issues. And this is what content marketing succeeds to achieve. Through this strategy, you will be surprised of the numerous leads you will attract. A Hubpost article mentions the findings of a research suggesting that companies prioritizing content marketing have 13 times more chances to achieve a significantly high return on investment. This should urge you to think about implementing content marketing strategies to maximize your hotel profit.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing can be defined by the development and share of appealing content to a specific target audience such as videos, emails, newsletters, blog, articles, podcasts, social media publications, etc. Expertise can be conveyed through quality content and thus enhance the credibility of your organization. Content marketing is an effective way to show value to your prospect guests who will most likely book a stay at your hotel that shows care to them. In fact, this technique is a great way to create and nurture special relationships with your existing as well as your potential guests. In sum, it is a popular hotel marketing strategy used to attract, retain and engage with your customers. It is a method that can allow you to build strong brand awareness and maintain your hotel top of mind as you will show know-how and establish trust with your guests.


Tips to Convert through Content Marketing

Here are several ways you can lead to conversion thanks to content marketing efforts:

Create Interesting Content to your Audience

It is important to develop content that offers value to your customers. For instance, when booking a particular hotel, guests are mostly interested by the destination and the local and touristic experiences of the property’s location. The goal is to be recognized as a trusted authority for a particular destination and thus win a large audience. Indeed, these types of content will speak to your customers as travelers are mainly interested about exploring the place where they consider to travel. Through creating such captivating contents for your customers, you will likely become their must-visit-place.

Base your Content Strategy on Data-Driven Insights

In this new era, information about all types of consumers are widely available. Thus, take advantage of it to design a data-driven content marketing strategy that will best satisfy your target audience. For instance, you could look at data from the analytics of your website through Google Analytics or Google ads. You can also look at the main metrics evaluating your consumer’s behaviors on social media. Moreover, Google Keywords Planner is a platform that can allow you to find the most researched keywords related to your hotel. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to create content with the most appealing wording for your existing and potential guests. In this way, you will be able to identify what mostly attracted people’s attention which will inspire you for creating converting content based on your audience’s topics of interest. Benchmarking data can also be insightful, thus you should analyze which type of content is driving the most traction to your competitors to influence your strategies.

Create Content Based on Consistent Schedule

The goal of your content strategy is to remain on your customer’s top of mind. Thus, it is important to ensure consistency with your content. Revenues can be increased by 23% through consistency according to a research mentioned by the marketing company Inc. It is important to organize a disciplined schedule. For example, you could decide to post content once per week so you can engage with your guests on a regular basis and create a strong brand resonance.

Post Video Content

Several marketing investigations found that video content is highly appealing nowadays. According to a research mentioned by the real-estate company Proven Partners, video content increases revenues of companies by 49%. Thus, you must start thinking about having promotional videos showcasing your resorts and unique amenities to attract potential guests. Many hotels such as Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach posts videos on the home page showing the beauty of the property and its scenes through aerial shootings. You can also post those kinds of contents in your social media as it can highly improve your imagery. This practice can help you build a unique first impression among prospects guests considering booking a hotel stay.

Create Interactive Content

Developing interactive content can also be very effective to engage with your audience. In this way, you can make your audience live a dynamic experience through active engagement. The digital marketing company Ceros suggests different types of interactive content you can utilize such as interactive infographics, quizzes, etc. For instances, quizzes enable to highly involve your customers and thus get them to your marketing funnel. Indeed, you want your existing and prospect guests to have fun when exposed to your content so they can develop a positive association with your brand.

To sum up, it is time to rethink your content strategy to maximize your hotel occupancy. Start developing a well-documented plan with your team with defined goals to create the most attractive content marketing. Then, always make sure to track, measure and record the analytics that will help you create data-driven content appealing to your target market. As you are now familiar with tips to develop effective content, it is time to prepare yourself for getting higher booking conversions ever recorded.