Building an Effective Hotel Branding Strategy

Are you a hotel professional willing to create stronger ties with your guests in order to achieve a higher customer retention? Then, you must consider reviewing your branding in a way to make it more appealing to your target market. As a hotelier, you must think beyond offering a room and focus on communicating your business intangible elements that make your property unique. According to a research mentioned by the digital marketing agency DEPT, millennials believe that a brand purpose allows to identify to a particular organization and is thus an important factor influencing their buying decision.  According to a research mentioned by the travel agency Condor, “Millennials constitute the largest population and is the generation that travel the most to date”. That is why branding must be at the center of the stage for hospitality marketers.

What Does Hotel Branding Stand For?

When thinking about branding, name and logos are usually the first elements that come to people’s minds. Those are certainly important elements of branding in addition to a key value proposition. Nevertheless, behind a powerful branding is also a storytelling defining your organization’s principles and transmitting a consistent message to your target audience. Indeed, branding will allow you to build the desired reputation for your property. As a result, your guests will understand what to expect from your brand. It is all about creating an emotional connection with your guests and establish trust with them.

What are the Elements to Consider for your Branding Strategy?

In order to develop an effective branding strategy, it is crucial to understand well your audience and the segments you are willing to target whether they are leisure of business travelers.

In addition, proceeding with benchmarking research is also important as you need to understand well your competitive set in order to know how to stand out in the market with your brand. You must also be able to define your hotel’s core philosophy so you deliver the right message to your customers. Nowadays, social media are powerful tools to communicate the values of your brand and develop relationships with your guests before, during and after their stay. The font, voice tone, images, illustrations, photography and stories style are elements that can showcase the meaning of your brand and who you really are as a hotel.

How to Develop an Effective Hotel Branding?

Here are two important tips you must consider if you are looking to improve your branding strategy for your property:

Rethinking your Core Philosophy:

The basis of a powerful branding is to understand your core philosophy and picture how you would like your guest’s journey to look like. In this way, you will be able to better communicate the story behind your brand that will make your guests create a special relationship with your property. Your hotel philosophy will help your guests identify why they want to stay with you rather than elsewhere.

Selecting the Right Design:

It is crucial to choose a design for your brand that fit well with your brand personality.

For example, if your hotel is highly focused on green initiatives as part of your branding strategies, you must make sure that your hotel environment, brand logo and symbol look remind of these values you have. For instance, 1 Hotel has been a successful hotel chain when it comes to their brand storytelling through the look and feel within its several properties premises. Their designs are unique with all the plants and leaves that they have in their different hotel’s areas including the rooms reminding of how this chain care about nature.

1 Hotel South Beach Brand Look and Feel:

As we can see from these images from the property 1 Hotel South Beach, earthy colors are also found in the hotel decoration as well as in the logo to highlight the eco-friendly principles of the brand.

In sum, it is important to have your look and feel consistent aligning with your storytelling so people can easily associate it with your brand.

Now, start thinking beyond your logo and name and review how you can effectively communicate the values of your hotel to your guests in a way to develop unique bonds with them. Through a successful branding strategy, you will be able to have more repeat guests than you have ever had and increase your customer lifetime value. This will significantly drive higher revenues to your company. As you are willing to distinguish from your competitors, you must manage to create long-lasting memories through developing a powerful branding for your hotel. It will definitely be worth the investment!