Best Email Marketing Practices for your Hotel

Are you a hotel professional willing to make your property distinguish in this highly competitive industry while driving better business performance? Then, consider running email marketing campaigns as it can allow you to enhance the promotion of your hotel, attract prospect guests and improve your customer lifetime value. Besides, it is a cost-effective strategy as the ROI is estimated to be $44 per every dollar invested according to the marketing organization Campaign Monitor. (Links to an external site.) Through learning the best email marketing techniques, you can significantly increase your revenue and ensure long-term profitability. While working on your email marketing, consider following this guide to make your promotional efforts powerful through this digital channel.

4 Tips for a Successful Email Strategy

Building a Strong Contact List

The basis for a successful email marketing campaign is to collect emails from people who are part of your target audience. If you still have not done it yet, consider creating a sign-up form for your website that asks as little information as the name and email to maximize the chance of having your visitors filling it out.  According to the E-marketing organization Website Optimizer (Links to an external site.), a subscription rate can be boosted by 317% through placing pop-up sign-up forms. If you are looking to create a pop-up sign up form for your site, the marketing organization HubSpot (Links to an external site.) offers the option to create a customized one. You can also place your sign up form on your footer or contact page. As a reward for sharing their email address, you can offer your subscribers incentives such as special discounts, early check-in, room upgrades, special deals and promotions, etc. Below is a sign-up form from a hotel offering special vouchers to entice people in entering their email addresses:

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Besides, your property might already have a property management system that includes a customer database that can be imported to your list. Before doing so, make sure you have their consent for emailing them. If you want to learn more about the legal aspects of email marketing, the marketing company Mailerlite (Links to an external site.) offers a guide about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as far as concern emailing permission.

Segmenting your Subscribers

There are huge opportunities for segmenting your contact list as you can send personalized emails through doing so and obtain the best results from your marketing campaign. Based on common characteristics shared, you can divide your subscribers into different groups. The company Constant Contact specialized in email marketing (Links to an external site.) suggests tips for email list segmentation. For example, it is highly suggested to segment your list based on the room preferences and type of travelers (either business or leisure). Through an efficient segmentation, you can create more valuable messages specifically tailored to a particular audience. Then, people receiving your email will more likely take action.

Sending Pre-Arrival emails

Hotels are sending pre-arrival emails to personalize their guest’s experience. This can show genuine care for your customers who will already feel the warmth of your hotel operators before stepping out at your property. It can also allow them to be more knowledgeable about the services available on-site. Those pre-arrival emails should be sent as soon as a booking was completed by a future guests as well as a few days prior to their arrivals. You should make sure to mention a warm welcome in your subject line to start building affinity with your guests. An effective pre-arrival email contains the booking confirmation, contact and location details, hotel services and amenities information, social media links, weather forecasts as well as tourist attractions guide. Here is an example of an informative and welcoming pre-arrival email from a hotel: 

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Improving your Customer Loyalty

Email marketing can help you attract customers into staying at your property again. Thus, it is crucial to send follow-up emails after your guests checked-out at your hotel. It is important in those post check-out emails to express nice farewell and gratitude for choosing your hotel. Your message should contain wording enticing people to visit again. It should also include links to register to your loyalty programs as well as special offers for their next stays. To remain top-of-mind to those guests, you should send them emails on a regular basis with special promotions. You can schedule an email automation so emails are sent in specific time periods. The email marketing agency Uplers (Links to an external site.) offers a full guide on email automation. Here is an example of a warm hotel follow-up email:

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You can also show care for your guests in your follow-up emails through asking them to share their reviews of their stay in your website as well-as third party website. This can allow you to increase your brand visibility and improve your hotel operations. You can use Net Promoter Score survey type to obtain stay’s ratings as it can gives an accurate understanding of your guest’s satisfaction. Here is an example of a hotel NPS survey:

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Know that you learned about efficient email marketing techniques, consider implementing this marketing strategy as email is one of the most powerful digital channels for promotion nowadays. You will be surprised how successful you will be at increasing your hotel occupancy through running email marketing campaigns using the best practices. Thanks to email marketing efforts, you will certainly attract new customers, increase your guest’s retention as well as increasing their spending. When working on your emails, always make sure to always have appealing and engaging content in your emails to drive conversions. Expect major results from this digital marketing strategy!

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