“Behind the Selfie”, An Example of a Powerful Social Media Marketing Campaign from Girrafe Manor Hotel

Are you currently looking for inspiration to create a successful marketing campaign for your hotel? Then, you must consider following the example of the hotel Girraffe Manor in Kenya that became one of the most instagrammable properties in the world through “Behind the Selfie” campaign. Their model is based on applying cause marketing while showcasing the unique experience they offer on-site on social media. Through their efforts saving the wildlife in Africa, the hotel has boosted its corporate responsibility and attracted numerous customers who care about the protection of the environment.

Enjoying the Company of Giraffes at Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is an iconic 12 rooms boutique hotel located in Kenya in East Africa. Besides from its elegant design and breathtaking land and forest surrounding the hotel, what is particularly fascinating is the exclusive experience it offers to its guests. Indeed, giraffes come visit residents everyday during breakfast and tea times poking their heads through the windows hoping to get treats from them. Guests are also able to feed the animals through the comfort of their windows.

The Idea behind “Behind the Selfie” Social Media Campaign

Image taken from : https://www.cultafrica.net/home/tours_top/giraffe-manor.html

The hotel has significantly grown in popularity thanks to encouraging guests to capture and post the “perfect” selfies with the giraffes while sharing breakfast with them. People have published dreamy pictures on their social media platforms living their moments with the giraffes. The hashtag “Behind the Selfie” was created for this campaign to defend the cause of the Rotschild’s Giraffes that are endangered in this region. This hashtag has thousands of posts on social media showing pictures and selfies of guests with the giraffes from the hotel. Indeed, the property has become a famous feeding center for this species that is declining in Africa. The goal of the social media campaign was to increase brand awareness about the worrying situation of the wildlife in Africa. The property has enticed its guests and followers to share their time with the animals behind the lens of their cameras on social media. The campaign went viral and gained millions of followers. It is today one of the most well-known properties around the world attracting one of the most diverse clienteles thanks to this successful social media campaign. Below is an example of how the property encourages its guests to share their selfies and photos with the giraffes. They mostly promote this initiative on Facebook and Instagram in which people can see even LIVE the giraffes visiting hotel guests.

Image taken from: https://swke.facebook.com/GiraffeManor/photos/a.281314904031/10158625931944032/?type=3

In this very competitive industry, you might be willing to reach a wider audience to boost your hotel occupancy. Thus, you should use your innovative mind to offer experience to your guests that go out of the ordinary like Girrafe Mannor does and promote the uniqueness of your service through social media. In this digital era, you must develop a social media marketing plan in a way to make your content sharable among millions of users worldwide. Creating an appealing Hashtag such as “Behind the Selfie” can allow to give a sense to your campaign and increase social shares. Defending a cause like the hotel described in this article and showcasing this on social media can also be a selling point for your property. This can make your branding more powerful and build a positive reputation as many people are likely to book a stay in a hotel that is socially responsible. According to Zimmer Marketing, 41% customers will gain more trust and purchase products or service from a company that associates with a cause. Thus, you might consider implementing cause marketing and advertise your efforts in social media platforms as it can help you highly captivate the attention of your existing and potential guests. Following a similar social media strategy can make your hotel KPIs stronger and ensure a high return on investment for your property after running such successful marketing campaigns.