Achieving Brand Resonance among your Hotel Guests

Are you willing to develop a strong brand and make sure to connect with your guests on a very deep level? Then, you should think about the brand resonance model that was designed by the scholar Keller and build your strategies in a way your customers reach the last phase of the pyramid so-called Resonance. This brand resonance model is widely used in the business world to form powerful branding.

What is Brand Resonance?

Brand resonance is achieved when your hotel brand resonates in your guest’s mind. The goal is to make your guests build intense ties with your brand so they highly relate to it and establish trust. As a hotelier, you want to create a brand that will make your guests feel good, loved, happy, comfortable so they are willing to stay at your property over and over again. This concept is well illustrated by the model created by the Marketing professor Keller who designed 6 brand building blocks leading to the path of resonance.

Below are the different stages of the Brand Resonance Model explained:

Salience: As a hotelier, it is important to design strategies, so your brand is easily identifiable and recognized. In order to make your brand relevant to your audience, it is important to know well your target market and determine your brand identity. The goal is to be in your customer’s top of mind and achieve deep brand awareness.

Performance: In order to determine the performance of your brand, you have to think whether it meets your guest’s functional needs. The elements that you can assess here are the quality of your service, style and design, price, efficiency, reliability, etc. As a hotelier, an important aspect of your brand performance you can evaluate is your guest’s experience.

Imagery: At this stage, you must have a clear idea about how you want your property to appear in your customer’s mind. It has to do with your guest’s psychology and how they relate to your brand as far as concern their social needs. Once you understand better your brand meaning and points of parity and difference with regards to your competitors, you will most likely be able to satisfy your guest’s requirements.

Judgments: As it is critical to have guests build positive judgements towards your hotel, you must assess your brand with regards to its quality, considerations, superiority and credibility. You have to design strategies leading to have your guests have favorable opinions about your service.

Feelings: When building your brand, you want to make sure your customers have positive reactions and emotional response towards it. The more intense and positive those feelings are among your guests, the better it is for your brand image. You may want to develop a hotel brand that bring these following feelings to your guests for instance: joy, warmth, fun, happiness, excitement, security, etc. Your advertising campaigns should be designed in a way to create strong emotional connections with your guests to favor this stage of the model.

Brand Resonance: Resonance is the ultimate goal that every marketers try to reach. It defined by how well synchronized your guests are with your hotel brand. The more your guests identify with your brand, the strongest is your brand resonance. It determines the nature and level of the relationship your customers have with your brand. It can be measured by your customer’s loyalty, attachment, community and engagement. To achieve this objective, you have to make sure your staff is well-trained to build solid ties with your guests who would be looking forward to their next visit. By offering unique experience to your customers, you will be able to resonate in themselves. This will allow you to attract repeat guests and strengthen your brand equity.

Below is an example of a brand resonance model applied to one of the most famous hotel chains in the world, InterContinental Hotel according to the marketing professional Ji Sang HYEON:

Once you will be able to achieve your guest brand’s resonance, you will create profound ties with them. As a result, they are most likely incorporating your brand to their lives. If you are willing to have your guests continue choosing your hotel and reach a significant brand equity, this model is key to develop resonance among your customers. In sum, true brand resonance means important customer engagement and loyalty, and this signifies higher profitability to your company. As you are ready to make your organization achieve the greatest financial performance, rethink your branding strategies through the brand resonance model to attain the highest customer lifetime value ever recorded in your hotel organization.