Quantitative or Qualitative ? What Would be the Best Method for Your Next Marketing Research ?

Have you considered working on research to improve your marketing strategies but do not know how to proceed ? You may want to understand better your customers or competitors and wonder how can you get useful insights for your company ? If you are willing to do a market research, you have two options which are either collecting quantitative or qualitative data. Both are efficient methods as it can allow you to get useful information for your business strategy. However, you have to make sure to select the appropriate method considering the research that you would like to pursue.

When to Use Quantitative Research ?

Source : https://www.askattest.com/blog/insight/quantitative-vs-qualitative-research-and-how-to-use-each

Quantitative research is used to collect number-based data. The results of these types of research allows you to obtain statistics allowing you to identify trends. Indeed, this type of research is quantifiable and measurable. Quantitative research helps to test and justify assumptions. Survey is the most common method used in quantitative research. According to the consulting organization Circle Studio, quantitative data can be the right method to use when trying to identify communication gaps with the customers. It can also help discover areas of improvement regarding your company’s offering. In order to have more employee’s ambassadors willing to promote your brand, you could also share an internal survey that will allow you to see what could be improved in the business environment to make people proud of working for you. The advantage of quantitative research is that you are less likely coming up with biased assumptions. Moreover, surveying allows you to collect data from a large population.

When to Use Qualitative Research ?

Source : https://www.edx.org/course/qualitative-research-methods-conversational-interv

Qualitative research makes you collect data that are non-numerical. The information are usually gathered through observations or a conversation with a specific target market. The results of qualitative research can help you for example explore the feelings about a service offering or to get insight about a specific product development. Generally, companies use interviews as a way to follow a qualitative research. Here, respondents use their own words to formulate their answers and can for example share how they think about your brand. Qualitative research are usually used to exchange information about a particular topic and help identify a particular patterns about the market. You could choose interviewing an individual person or a group. In addition, interviews can take place in person or in distance (e.g : Phone, zoom meeting, etc). Qualitative Research allows you to obtain a deeper insight about experiences.

Here is below a visual showing the main differences between qualitative and quantitative data :

Source :https://www.slideshare.net/Intellspot?utm_campaign=profiletracking&utm_medium=sssite&utm_source=ssslideview

In sum, there is no best research method as both can allow you to get the information that you need and help you improve your business decision. When selecting a topic for your research according to your company’s objectives, you will now be able to identify which is the best method to use. Indeed, as you now have a clear understanding about the different purposes of quantitative and qualitative research and the impact of both method, it will be easy to select the appropriate method for doing a particular research. Depending on your research objectives, you could also use a combination of both methods to reinforce your assumptions based on the findings. Indeed, quantitative data can be used to support a discussion resulting from a qualitative research.

If you still have not pursued market research for your company, it is definitely time to start collecting qualitative or quantitative data depending on the topic selected. You will be amazed how applying either of these research methods will help you have a better understanding of your competitive advantage and unique selling proposition. Furthermore, you will see how helpful it will be to identify opportunities for your organization. You will also be able to deliver better customer or employee’s experience and make efficient and informed business decision. This will help you generate significant business to your company.

Marketing Research : A Must For Your Company’s Success

Are you a business leader trying to improve your marketing strategies in order to increase your company’s profit ? Maybe, your company is not doing as great as you are expecting. You might be currently disregarding the market trends and may only be focusing on selling your products. The response is simple : Yes, you should definitely concentrate your interest on selling your company’s products or services but marketing research will guide you on how to better sell them.

In order to do marketing research correctly, you must first understand its meaning and the reasons why it is important to start doing this for your company’s success.

Marketing Research Defined

Marketing Research is all about determining the viability of your company’s product or service by collecting data about the market and interpreting and analyzing the information gathered. It allows to especially better understand the target market and the competitors in order to come up with strategies aiming at increasing sales. According to the Encyclopedia named Entrepreneur, marketing research can help you have a better overview of your customer’s characteristics, needs and locations, spending habits, etc. It also allows to know about the competition and industry’s trends which will help you identify how to distinguish in the market.

3 Reasons Why Marketing Research is Important

Here are three reasons why marketing research is important below according to the marketing organization Envatotuts :

Identify Business Opportunities

Doing marketing research will help you have a better overview of the target audience, their interest and the communication channels you should use to reach your customers. It can allow you to identify other businesses with the same target market you could partner with to do mutual promotional efforts. You will also be able to make your products more valuable by coming up with upgrades. Moreover, understanding better the geographical location of your customers will allow you to design better targeted campaigns considering people’s culture.

Decrease Business Risks :

The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that approximately half of corporation fail after operating for five years. Nevertheless, the more you will be involved in marketing research, the less likely your company is going to fail. There are several ways you could lower the risks. For example, you could test new products design with your customers before making them available in the market. In fact, you could show to the most loyal customers the change that you want to apply to your products and get their feedback. By doing this, you will increase your chance of launching products that will be appealing to your target audience. If you have a hard time having loyal customers, you can also find out by doing investigation reasons why some of your customers are not returning. You could also often collect feedback of your customers to help you determine problem areas such product quality decline or a malfunction in your company’s website. In this way, you will be able to avoid sales drop.

Identify the Right Channels for your Promotional Campaigns

Thanks to a thorough marketing research, you will be able to identify the appropriate channels to use to promote your products or services. You will be able to determine which channels are the best to reach your customers and transmit your message. Knowing about the channels in which your target audience is mostly exposed to will help you with your budget that might be limited. For instance, if you know which social media is mostly used by your customers, you will know that your budget for ads should be concentrated on that particular social media platform. Doing marketing research will also help you understand better in which places your customers spend their time. Thus, you can identify the best locations to place your advertising campaigns.

As many companies, you might be neglecting the importance of marketing research and might not be willing to spend time and money doing this. However, do not ever think you will be wasting your resources as it is really worths it. When you will start doing marketing research the right way, you will be surprised how your company will be doing great. You might have been wondering recently how to proceed to make your company more successful. Well, do not longer hesitate dedicating efforts to marketing research as it will definitely help you improve your strategies and generate more business!

A Guide to Essential Youtube Analytics Metrics

Have you recently run ads through Youtube ? Are you a beginner running campaigns using this social media channel ? Are you willing to know about the performance of your videos and see how the contents of your ads engaged your viewers ? Maybe, you want to know more about your target audience and see how you could make your ad more powerful ? The answer is simple. Go explore Youtube Analytics if you still have not done so. You will be amazed about all the useful information this tool will provide to you.

Youtube Analytics Defined

According to the Social Media Marketing Organization HootSuite, Youtube Analytics is a tool that will help you measure the performance of your video content through different metrics. Some examples of metrics that you can track about your ad are views, subscribers, audience demographics, likes, etc. Those metrics can be very interesting to you as you will be able to see how your target audience reacts to your content.

Why is Youtube Analytics Important ?

Youtube Analytics is crucial for you as a marketer who should constantly be looking to create content of high quality appealing to your viewers. If your ad is not as engaging and does not not have as much views as you had expected, Youtube Analytics can help you find the issue and understand how you can improve your ad.

5 Must Know Youtube Analytics Metrics

Here are some Youtube Analytics Metrics that you should master if you want to understand how engaging your ads are and reasons why they are important to know according to the social media analytics organization Keyhole :

Views : Views is the most important metrics as it shows you how many people watched your video.

Watch Time : Watch time is essential to know as it determines your ad’s engagement level as it shows you the aggregated time your viewers watched your content. Indeed, this metric shows the total number of minutes your viewers dedicated watching the video. If you ad has a high watch time, you will have better chance getting a high rank of your video from Youtube which will attract more people to view your ad.

Average View Duration : It can be defined by the duration of the video watched per view. It is the average number of minutes watched per viewer. If your video engage with your viewer, the average view duration will be high as people watched most of the content. Your search ranking on Youtube depends on this metric. Indeed, the higher is the average view duration, the better chance your ad will be recommended.

Average Percentage Viewed : It is characterized by how much percent of the video in average is watched by a viewer. It measures the ability of your video to catch your viewer’s attention for the entirety of the ad. If the percentage is low, it means that your ad is not succeeding at connecting with the viewers which can affect your ranking in Youtube.

Audience Retention : Audience Retention is important to understand as it can help you see when the viewer’s attention is at the highest and when it is dropping. Understanding this data can help you improve your video as you will see which content is the most attractive to your audience and focus on this in the next campaign. It can help you guide your marketing strategies for future video ads as it helps identify what is catchy and what is boring to your audience. There are two audience retention reports that you should look for in Youtube Analytics which are the Absolute Retention Report and Relative Retention Report. The Absolute Retention report helps determine how well your ad succeeded at retaining your viewers. The Relative Retention report helps you determine how well your add succeeded at retaining your viewers as compared to similar ads of competitors.

Of course, continue to rely on your creativity when creating your video ads while taking into consideration the data given by Youtube Analytics as it will help you understand your viewer’s want. By knowing the interest of your audience through Youtube Analytics, you will see how successful you will be running your next campaigns ! You will be surprised how helpful the data that this tool provide will be to create powerful ads with high quality content helping you connect with your viewers and convert your customers.

Make your Marketing Fun with Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered who visit your website and which content attract people the most? Are you looking to better understand your target audience and trying to attract more customers? Are you a marketing professional willing to improve your company’s marketing strategies? Then, consider becoming familiar with Google Analytics as it can provide you with rich resources useful to make your organization more successful. If used appropriately, Google Analytics will provide you very valuable insights that will help you have more efficient marketing strategies.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful platform offered by Google that you can use to monitor your website traffic. Indeed Google Analytics is a free web tools that can help you determine your target market as it tracks who is visiting your website. It can allow you to understand better people’s attitude towards your website as this analytics service show you the contents catching people’s attention. Thanks to these data, you are able to improve the experience of your customers who will likely build more interest for your brand and convert.

Important Sections to Master for Marketers

It is important to understand the different sections of Google Analytics that offer you access to a wide range of data. In this way, you will be able to interpret and analyze your website traffic and the effectiveness of your website platform.

As you can see in the infographic below, there are three reports that you need to put a special focus on as it can provide you valuable insights to review your marketing strategies. The sections that really matter for marketers are: Audience, Behavior and Acquisition.

Audience section: In this section, you can find information about the location, age, gender of people visiting your website. You will also be able to identify their interests and see what devices and browsers your visitors used to access your website.

Behavior section: Here, you can check the way people are interacting towards your website content. You will be able to see which pages were the most interesting to your customers and what really caught their attention in your site.

Acquisition section: This section will allow you to determine how people ended up visiting your website. Here, you will be able to see what channels led people to visit your site. Indeed, people can visit your website in these different ways: Direct, Organic Search, Paid Search, Referral, Social, and Email. You will find more information about these different channels below in the article.

In the acquisition section, you can see which channels led your visitors to enter your website.

Followed are the different channels defined and listed by Google Analytics in the Acquisition section according to the digital marketing organization Neil Patel.

  • Direct: Those are the visitors who directly arrived in your website mainly by entering your URL or typing your website name directly in their browsers. If your brand has a high direct traffic, it indicates that you have a powerful branding.
  • Organic Search: These are the visitors who clicked on a link in a result page to access your website. Achieving a high organic search traffic means that your content is attractive at first sight and that you have an efficient search engine optimization or SEO process.
  • Paid Search: If you have a high paid search, that means that your Google Ad campaigns are working well in generating traffic to your site.
  • Referral: Referral means that people are accessing your website by clicking on a link present in another website. It could be interesting to you as you will see which websites are mentioning your brand and driving traffic to your site. A high referral means that several websites are referring your site in their pages which can indicate your level of popularity.
  • Social: As social media are very powerful tools nowadays for marketing, this section can particularly catch marketer’s attention. Indeed, it allows you to see which social media channels drive the most traffic to your site. Thanks to these data, you will be able to improve your social media strategies.
  • Email: If your company does significant email marketing efforts, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Indeed, this section allows you to see the number of people who visited your website through an email campaign.

Understanding the data in these sections in Google Analytics will help you make smart marketing decisions especially as far as concern the placement, tone and type of content in your website. Indeed, taking a deep look at these data mentioned above will allow you to create better contents geared towards your audience. In this way, you will be able to attract more customers and achieve a higher conversion rate. Analyzing people’s behavior when visiting your website can be very helpful to enhance your strategy, so if you have not registered your website in Google Analytics, do so now! You will be so captivated by the variety of data that the platform will share about your audience at the point that you might become addicted to it. Marketing will become fun as you will be so curious to enter the platform all the time to check your audience and their attitude towards your website. You will be so surprised how Google Analytics will boost your creativity and help you develop better marketing strategies that will help you generate business for your company.

Use Data Visualization As Time is Money !

Have you ever had a hard time making a business decision ? Have you ever been exposed to a wide quantity of internal information with your team and you felt you did not know how to use and interpret those data ? If it is the case, it is probably because you have not really considered using visuals to make your data look easier to read. If you have not used visuals in the past, consider having data visualization as it will help you have a clear overview of the situation of your organization. You will see how it will make your life simple as it can help you picture your company’s performance. Start having visuals with your team as it will help you have a better understanding of your internal data. As a result, you will be able to implement efficient marketing strategies and increase your company’s profitability.

Data Visualization Defined

Data visualization can be explained by data and information being represented by visuals such as graphs, charts, maps, etc. Using visuals to illustrate those data facilitate its understanding and make people have a better insight of those information.

Advantages of Data Visualization in Marketing

According to an investigation made by the Visual Teaching Alliance, 90% of the data processed by the brain is visual. Indeed, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 faster visuals than texts. These statistics show that people are more likely to pay attention to information in visuals and the reasons are that data visualization are making data more accessible and engaging. Indeed, visuals can help you identify business goals. Those graphics make it easier to understand series of data showing trends, correlations, patterns or outliers. Also, those visuals can also help you do a better analysis and interpretation of those data. Thanks to an efficient data visualization, you will be able to make faster and smarter decisions for your business that will contribute in improving the operation’s productivity and sales. In fact, a clear data visualization will allow you to save time as it makes the information quicker to understand. You will also be able to have a better view of the company’s trends and patterns. Using visuals can help to make better analysis as far as concern sales, customers, market research, costs, flaws, etc. It also boost you and your team creativity as you are working on design of your graphics by using the right graphs, colors, fonts, etc. It can also help you develop better reports for your leaders as the information are communicated more clearly. In sum, thanks to a good data visualization, you will be able to better identify the right strategies for your company and contribute to the company’s growth.

Tips to Create Efficient Data Visualization

Here are some steps to follow in order to have an efficient data visualization according to the company Supermetrics :

• Before creating your data visualization, try to identify the objectives of these visuals, your audience, and which data are relevant and important for your audience. Indeed, your visuals should not be overcrowded and instead have a clear objective in order to not confuse the reader.

• Then, it is crucial to select the right format for your data visualization according to the information being transmitted. Indeed, there are several types of visuals that you can use. You have to make sure to choose the appropriate graphic that will allow you to communicate your information the best way possible. Be careful of not choosing the wrong type of visual as people might be confused and misinterpret its information.

You should also contextualize your graphics in order to make it appear meaningful. Contextualizing your visuals will help the readers understand them better. Some examples on how you can contextualize your graphics include having a clear legend with a wise use of colors, labeling the axes, having a clear title, adding the percentages and numbers to add clarity to your message, etc.

• It is also important to select the right fonts and colors for your graphics as it can highlight the important information and make it easier to read. Indeed, having well chosen font and colors can help you make a focus on certain points, organize the information, have a better overview of the evolution, and distinguish the different data. For example, you can use contrasting colors when making comparisons. You can also use bold font when you want to highlight a specific information and make the data simple to assimilate.

• Avoid using unnecessary decoration in the intention of making it look better but making it more confusing. When working on the design of your visuals, you should think if the element you want to add to make your visual looks pretty add value to your graphics. For example, using too many fonts and colors can make the visual look good. However, it might distract the reader who is likely be more attracted by the design rather than the content and who then can misinterpret the data. You can use decoration but not too much so you can keep your data visualization simple and easy to read.

• Finally, it is crucial to clearly present your data to avoid its distortion. In order to make sure people will clearly understand the point of your graphics, use the right size, type, shape, and colors for your visuals. In this way, you are unlikely falsely presenting the information on your graphic. You could for instance make sure to have labels and respect the color conventions (e.g : use dark colors when representing a high customer’s engagement and light color when representing a low customer’s engagement).

Now that you have a clear understanding of data visualization, do not ignore its importance for your company’s productivity and start making the most of it when making your business decision. You will be surprised how data visualization will really improve your content marketing, internal communication and facilitate the decision-making process. You might not think about it, but remember how faster you could take action for your organization when having a clear understanding of your data. Well, do not waste anymore time struggling interpreting your data and use visuals to make it easier and faster to take the right decision. Do not forget that time is money !


Make your Ad Stand Out with Kinetic Typography

Are you a marketing expert planning on creating an engaging promotional video for your company ? Then, consider using Kinetic Typography to make the message of your advertising more powerful.

These terms might look very sophisticated for you, and you might be wondering what does Kinetic Typography stand for. Those fancy words are simply the moving texts that appear on the ads to support the message of your ad and communicate the essential information about your company. When creating your ad, you have to make sure your moving texts are in high quality definition to be attractive to the viewers.

Below are three reasons why you should absolutely use Kinetic Typography in your advertising. Take a look at three main benefits of moving texts for your ad:

1. Highly Attractive :

If you want to impress your supervisor, you should definitely include moving texts in your ad.Your managers will appreciate it if the moving texts add value to your advertising by showing the essential points of your brand. Having moving texts complements all the elements like sound and colors that make an ad attractive. In addition, the viewers are likely to better understand the company’s purpose with well-designed texts. Using stylish moving texts is an efficient way to promote your brand as it highly catches the viewer’s attention. Those moving texts can make the video more interactive, so people are less likely to get distracted when watching the ad. The text movements can make your ad more dynamic and make the animation more fun to watch which make the video more appealing. As it makes the ad more attractive, it reinforces people’s understanding of the advertising’s core concepts. Thus more customer’s engagement can result from having Kinetic Typography in your ad.

2. Highly Informative :

Promotional videos that contain moving texts are usually shorter. Indeed, by using kinetic typography, you are more likely transmitting the message faster and in a more effective way. Indeed, including the essential facts of your brand through moving texts allows you to create shorter videos. Many studies have shown that the customer engagement is more important when ads do not last too long. Thus, creating a video containing Kinetic Typography is highly effective as it makes the video quicker to watch. In this way, people are less likely to abandon watching the video, and this will contribute in attracting more customers. As the ad include useful information with moving texts, people are less likely to get bored. Below is a figure that shows how the customer engagement drops as the video gets longer :

Source : https://meetmaestro.com/insights/how-long-should-your-video-be/

3. Highly Focusing on Essential Points :

Having moving texts included in your video can help you highlight the main ideas of your ad. Indeed, there are parts of your ad that are more important than others, and having Kinetic Typography on the essential visuals of your ad can help you focus on the most important points of your video. This can highly contribute in supporting the message that you want to deliver. As previous studies found that many viewers watch videos without turning the sound, having moving texts can be highly favorable to transmit the essential points of your message. According to a research done by Instagram and Facebook, 85% of the viewers mute the sound to watch advertising videos. Nevertheless, viewers are likely to read your texts even in a mute mode which can make your ad productive anyway.

In sum, it is worths it taking your time learning about how to add Kinetic Typography in your ad. There are many softwares that can be used to create moving texts for your video, and there are kinetic typography makers that can even be used for free. Indeed, moving texts can be so powerful in an ad as many viewers are likely to engage with your brand and take action when watching your video containing Kinetic Typography. Adding moving texts to your ad is not costly and is highly grabbing the viewer’s attention. Thus, do not hesitate to have Kinetic Typography in your ad as it will make it more captivating and will help you drive more revenues for your company as a result !