My name is Meryem Mekouar. I am from Casablanca, Morocco which is a country that is known for its great hospitality since it is something engraved in all the moroccan people’s personality and therefore in myself. I successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and discovered a real interest for this field. I was also proud to graduate from my Master Degree in Hospitality Management. I had the chance to acquire experience in one of the most renowned hotel chains in Miami where I learned about exceeding guests expectations and offering excellent customer service. I have a real passion for people and love to build relationships. I am currently investigating new strategies aiming at improving the efficiency of digital marketing for companies. I believe social media have been a recent trend, and there is still room for improvement. That is why I am constantly researching about marketing topics. I am hoping to find something new to revolutionize this discipline. My long-term plan would be to pursue a PhD in Marketing and become a consultant for luxury hospitality companies. I am currently developing my knowledge in digital marketing as I am pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing. I take the opportunity of having this website to share my expertise in this field.